Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life in Boise

Yes, we made it and so far we are loving it in Boise. Jonathan loves his new job and as expected, he is taking off and doing very well. The only bummer is that he works A LOT of hours (well at least a lot more then we are used to) but he says that the days go very fast so it is not too bad. Luckily, it hasnt been too hard on me because my mom has kept me busy and has also given me plenty of breaks by helping entertain Abigale. I am now almost 17 weeks pregnant and feeling much better but I still get sick quite often and am always extremely tired (Another reason I am so grateful for my mom being around). Abigale is doing great and loving all the attention she gets from her grandparents and uncle (my brother is out here for a few months because he just graduated from George Washington Law School and is studying for the Bar). We live right next to a few duck ponds and across the street from a very fun park. If we would let her and if it would stop raining, she would love to spend all day chasing the ducks, running over the bridges, kicking her ball in the park, and going down the slide. She has adjusted really well and since she is around so many adults all day, she is talking like crazy and learns a few new words everyday. Sorry, I dont have any pictures, I am not sure where are camera cord is but I will post them soon. We hope everyone is doing well and had a great Memorial Weekend!