Tuesday, April 17, 2012

March 2012

March was a crazy month. Usually March is the longest month and it drags on as we wait for warm weather but this year it went by extremely fast. Here are some pics of what we were up to.

It was my parents big birthday this month (I wont say which birthday) but to celebrate they went to South Africa for a few weeks to visit my sister and her family. One of the perks of living in Utah is that they usually stay with us when they fly through Salt Lake. We celebrated their birthdays the night before they left with Apple Crisp (my dads favorite) and Ryan was loving the whipped cream!
St. Patricks Day is one of Abigale's favorite holidays. She always remembers what the leprechauns did last year and cant wait to see what tricks they are going to pull. They did the usual of turning the milk and food green and kept making messes throughout the house. They also left a scavenger hunt to find some green prizes.We were lucky enough to have our dear friends from Idaho come and stay with us for a few days. We love the Perrys so much and are sad whenever we have to say goodbye again. We made the best of our time together. Holly and I watched the kids while the guys went golfing Saturday morning and then we took off to do some major shopping. We met up with everyone for a yummy dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then we continued the shopping while the guys took the kids back home. It was such a great day. We spent the rest of the time talking, playing games, and lots of laughing! We also visited City Creek which was awesome but a little hectic with all of the kids! It was such a great weekend!
Ashlyn and Ryan are about 5 months apart.Best Friends Maeley and Abigale:Over General Conference weekend we decided it was the perfect weather to fly a kite. So we broke into their Easter goodies a little early and headed to the park. March was a great month and only got us more excited for this summer!

Cute Kids

I am one lucky mom to have such amazing and cute kids! Some days are extremely hard and I question my ability as a mom but these faces make it all worth it!

Valentines Day

I think Valentines Day is such a fun day! I love decorating in hearts and having two girls they have having pink and red all over the house.
We did a few fun crafts. These were our glitter hearts that we hung up. I love Lydia's outfit, don't you? This is what she looks like almost every day. She grabs any skirt out of her drawer and any shirt that has short sleeves. She hates wearing pants and long sleeved shirts!
My friend gave me this idea- for FHE we cut out hearts and everyone had to write what we loved about everyone in the family. It was so fun to have them hanging up and the girls loved reading them all month.Abigale getting ready for her preschool Valentines party with the box she decorated:Our Valentines dinner with the beautiful roses from Jonathan! We had strawberries, heart shaped pizza and bread sticks and a love potion drink I found on pinterest. After dinner we kept the tradition of the scavenger hunt going and sent the girls all over the house to find heart shaped clues. The prize: They each got some pink candy hearts and gum, a shirt, some slippers, and a red heart pen and notebook. Holidays are so fun!

Friday, April 13, 2012


We finally made it to Disneyland! Jonathan had to stay in San Diego for a conference on Sunday so we had to go without him so that we could get as much time there as possible. Obviously the girls were super excited as we had been talking about it all week and Disneyland never disappoints! We went Sunday with my parents while Jonathan was at his conference, on Monday we all went together and my parents left that night and on Tuesday it was just our family. It was over the Martin Luther King holiday so Sunday was busy, Monday was insane, and Tuesday was awesome!
On the shuttle bus:
Even Ryan was excited!Pics around Disneyland!The whole gang ready to go. This was my parents last day and Jonathan's first day there. We stayed one extra day after my parents left.Pictures of Lydia:Pics of Ryan and Papa
The family on the storybook ride. The girls were so excited to sit on top of the boat. They had the best view of all the little towns. They loved this ride because it "wasnt scary" according to Lydia.Waiting for the Alice in Wonderland rideOn the Winnie the Pooh ride:The new Little Mermaid ride was so cute. It was the very first ride we went on and Lydia did not know what to expect and I think it was a little to real for her. She did not like Ursula but by the last day she was used to the idea of rides and we rode it over and over.Nap time!Parade time:Lots and lots of princesses! Every little girls dream!Its a small world still had all of the Christmas lights up and on the ride played Christmas music. It was really cute and I am glad we were able to see and hear something different on the ride.Ryan loved the ride and kept pointing at everything.

I had to document this salad. We bought it at Costco and you just had to add lettuce. It was an Asian chicken salad and it was so good. We had it every day and it saved us!
I was really excited to see the new light and water show but it didnt even start until after 8 and after a day at Disneyland and when my kids are use to going to bed at 7 they were pretty wiped out. Abigale fell asleep before we got there and slept through the entire thing. Lydia was half asleep and pretty much just covered her ears the entire time. Ryan was just along for the adventure! I, however, loved it!

The buzzlighter ride was a favorite! On Tuesday we just walked on the ride 5 times in a row. The girls loved shooting everything and Jonathan and I loved competing against each other!Toon Town: Even after three days we barely fit this in and they loved it!Abigale and I getting ready to go on the little roller coaster. She was a little nervous because the day before she went on Tower of Terror and she pretty much was scared to death of all rides after that but she did it and had fun. I just have to add that I tried to talk her out of Tower of Terror but she really wanted to go on it and she was tall enough. I told her all about it but she still wanted to do it and now I will never forget her face when we were on the ride. She was crying and saying she wanted to get off. I felt so bad and she still has nightmares about it! Oops! She was a good sport and loves to tell people about it today.I have finally reached the end of our trip to California! It was such an amazing trip and I am so glad we decided to go for it and that we were able to go with my parents! Hopefully our kids will remember it or at least enjoy the pics!