Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My sister got married in the New York temple on August 4th and we were lucky enough to be there! It was a little crazy trying to do the site seeing with a 8 month old while trying to help prepare for a wedding, but overall we had a wonderful time! One problem was that the battery for our camera died and we forgot to bring the charger so we only got a few photos. Enjoy the ones we got!

We took Abigale to FAO Shwartz (the toy store in the movie Big with the huge piano) where they had thousands of stuffed animals. Abigale loved all of them and I think she thought most of them were real, but I dont blame her! We also got a picture with the characters from Harry Potter- made of LEGOS!
My sister's reception was on a roof top overlooking the city. We could see the Statue of Liberty in one direction and the Empire State Building the other direction. This is Abigale sitting in front of the windows.

The whole family the night before Caitlin's wedding after a delicious pizza dinner in Little Italy.

Jonathan, my brother Jeff, Abigale, and I went to Times Square on a Friday night. I love seeing all the lights and people but somehow Abigale managed to stay asleep through it all. That is all the pictures I have for now but I will get some of the wedding and post them later.


Abigale only has 3 cousins and, unfortunately, they live in Singapore. Lucky for us they came home for the summer so Abigale got to meet Claire (age 5) and Eliza (age 3) and we all got to meet Benjamin (now 9 months old)! We had so much fun and were so sad to see them leave. Abigale and Ben are only 1 month apart.
Cousins together at last!