Monday, May 23, 2011

Haircut Time!

For weeks Abigale was telling me that she wanted to cut her hair but I kept putting it off because her hair was so long and beautiful that I was too scared to cut it. After a few days of hair constantly tangled and fighting with her to do it and brush it I decided it was time. I needed to get my hair cut too so I decided to go to a salon and do it together. She was so excited and was not nervous at all to cut her hair. She did so great holding still and we are excited about the outcome. I think I would have gone even shorter but it is a good start for now!
Before picture: Her hair looks a little crazy because the top was in a braid so it is half curled

Getting it washed. This was pretty bad because she didnt keep her head down in the water enough so when she was done her whole back was soaking wet. She had to take it off and stick it under the dryer and it still wasnt dry by the time we left. Luckily, she just thought it was funny and just wore cape the rest of the time.Getting ready to cut!

She played with my phone to help keep her chin down

After! It still looks long but she cut quite a few inches and it is A-line so it is shorter in back.

Modeling before church the next day. Notice the cute skirts that Jonathan's mom made. The girls love them!

Over the shoulder pose Cute girls!

Hanging Out with Superman

This shirt was the first one that Jonathan picked out when we found out we were having a boy! He has been waiting for it to fit and now Ryan is growing so fast he wont be able to wear it much longer!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April 2011

Almost caught up . . .

April was a crazy but fun month! Life with three kids is everything that you hear. It has its moments of complete craziness, you are constantly tired, you often feel overwhelmed but it also has its moments of pure joy. Having a baby in the house again is such a different feeling- we are all completely in love with him and cannot help but smile when we see him.

April was a lot of this- just snuggling and loving are little guy Ryan got his first bath. He hated the sponge bath but now he loves taking baths and it completely relaxes him.

Life with three kids who love their daddy :)

Our friend had an Easter Egg Dyeing Party and it was a lot of fun. It was kind of hard to hold Ryan while helping two kids dye eggs but we loved it and the treats were delicious.

Just a sweet picture of sleeping Ryan

Another cute picture

Abigale loves holding Ryan and is very comfortable and confident. She is going to be such a great mommy!

We went to another Easter Egg Hunt at the church with some friends. This is the girls getting ready to leave with their cute baskets from Grandma Tanner.


It was cute because they had an egg hunt for two year olds and younger in the primary room and then one for the rest of the kids throughout the church. Everyone brought 10 eggs per child and were allowed to find 10 eggs so it was perfect. This is Lydia finding eggs.

The older kids playing "Easter Bunny Says" while patiently waiting their turn

The girls with their eggs. I think Lydia snuck all of her candy before the day was over and Abigale still has some in her room :)

So precious! My parents came in town for Easter weekend and my mom brought a cotton candy cupcake mix which were not the greatest tasting but Abigale sure had fun making them!

Dyeing Easter Eggs We went to dinner at the Brick Oven and they had a man making balloon characters. Abigale got a unicorn and Lydis wanted a bunny. So fun

Easter morning! Lydia was so excited! Here she is showing off her new dress thanks to my sister (she would wear this dress everyday if she could but I have to hide it from her) and some presents from the Easter bunny
Playing catch with her new ball!
I love this picture. She is modeling her new sunglasses and wearing them like Nana
She ate her whole box of peeps in about 10 minutes!

Ryan turned 1 month old at the end of April! He is so sweet and easy going. He still sleeps most of the day and gets up once at night to eat. He loves his sisters and whenever he gets fussy we put on music or just stick a binky in his mouth and he calms right down. He still doesnt really know how to suck it but he loves it in his mouth. Cute guy!