Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update on Abigale

I know I post a lot about Abigale but I thought it was time to give a little update so you all know the fun things she is doing at almost 15 months and also share a few of my recent favorite pictures.

New words: Up, says "da" for down, all done, apple, bye bye, hot, baby einstein, "mo" for more and hi.

New words that she signs: baby, apple, ball, coat, cold, dad, and shoes (I have kind of stopped teaching her signs because I want her to talk but she has picked up a bunch from her Baby Einstein video)

Animal noises she knows: fish, elephant, tiger, snake and cow

Favorite things to do in the house: pull all the dvds out of the stand, change the channel with the remote, throw things in the garbage when I ask her to and throw everything else in the bathtub, put things in the dishwasher, help cook whenever possible, throw and kick balls, carry my purses on her shoulder, and carry her baby around the house. For some reason she also loves it when I put curlers in her hair, which is fine by me!

In Mourning. . .

For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan. I am not just talking about those bandwagon fans who only like them when they have a good year, I have been a fan since I was in 7th grade. In 7th grade my English teacher made us play fantasy football for extra credit. Not knowing very much about any of the players, I randomly picked many of the Packers players including Brett Favre. I have always liked watching sports but didnt really get into the NFL until my grade depended on it and then I was hooked and have loved Green Bay ever since. They had an awesome season this year but I am so sad that they lost to the Giants. I would have loved to see them play in the Super Bowl against the Patriots but unfortunately they didnt play their best tonight. Hopefully, Favre will be back for one more season but in the meantime I guess I will have to cheer for New England.

On a side note, we taught Abigale "touchdown" so everytime we yelled touchdown she would jump up and put her hands in the air. It was so funny.
The only thing that made the loss bareable was the fact that I got to watch the game on our new flat screen tv in high definition. It was a whole new experience compared to our other tv where we could not even see the score.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our Chirstmas!

We had an amazing Christmas. We started it out by spending the first five days with Jonathan's family at their cabin outside of Park City. I love going to the cabin. Jonathan's family built it themselves when he was 12 and it is the place that Jonathan and I got engaged! We had so much fun there snowmobiling, playing games, eating great food, playing Wii, watching movies, and just hanging out. I was a little nervous about taking Abigale because the cabin is not really baby-proof, but she did great and had so much fun. Being the only grandchild, she was very spoiled and loved all of the attention. Christmas morning was so much fun and Abigale loved all of the many, many presents she received. Jonathan and I also recieved some great presents and feel so blessed.
Abigale sleeping on Grandma:

Abigale discovered her love of candy canes:
Ready for the snow: Abigale's favorite person as the cabin was the dog. She followed him around and tried to give him hugs. He is such a good dog and I couldn't believe how good Abigale was to him:
Christmas Morning: Recovering from Christmas morning:We then drove straight to Pocatello and spent a week with my family. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a lot of pictures but we had a lot of fun and once again Abigale was very spoiled and loved having a big house with stairs to explore.
I think this picture is so funny:Her new favorite toy:Our little snow princess:
I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas!