Sunday, April 25, 2010

All About Abigale

Since my crazy little girl is turning 3 1/2 this week, I thought it was time to dedicate this blog all to Abigale (and for my personal records). Abigale can still be the sweetest girl in the world as long as she has had enough sleep and food (She gets that from me). She loves playing with Lydia and making her laugh and still loves all animals. She especially loves cats and dogs and if she sees one she has to pet it.
Abigale picks up on things quickly. She knows all her ABC's and has for quite awhile. She knows the sounds of all the letters and is starting to put words together. She can write almost any word but especially loves to write her name. We are working on the Articles of Faith and she has the first 6 memorized but will usually only repeat them in front of her parents. She loves going to preschool and can't wait to tell me what she learned when she gets home. She did not like nursery very much at all but she loves Sunbeams! The Primary gave us a cd of the songs they are learning ths year and she loves to listen to them in the car- Follow the Prophet is her favorite.
Abigale is still very shy but once she gets to know someone and feels comfortable she is just fine. She loves playing with her friends and asks every day if they can come over.
She still loves music and singing and dancing. Everyday we have to get the Princess dresses out and her and Lydia put them on and dance to the Disney songs. She has them all memorized and loves to make up dances. (I cant wait to get her in dance lessons because I know she will love it- just have to find a good teacher). Every week she has a favorite Disney movie. This week it is Alice in Wonderland last week it was Peter Pan and she always loves Little Mermaid and of course Dora.
Abigale's mind is an alarm clock. It does not matter what time she goes to bed she will wake up at 7:00 every morning. I usually get her a bowl of cereal, put on a movie and either go back to bed or if I am motivated- work out. She still takes a nap almost everyday which she does not like but still needs!
Abigale loves to help out and gets very excited when we give her a job or a project. She is really into helping me cook and anything with Daddy outside. She gets very frustrated when I am doing a project-like sewing- and she can not help. She is also at the "why" stage. She probably asks "why" 50 times a day. I guess she is still trying to figure everything out.
Sorry this was so boring for those of you that actually read it but I just wanted to get everything down so that I could remember everything about her right now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holiday Fun

Growing up St. Patricks Day was always an annoying holiday- wondering if you would look like a geek if you wore green but worrying about being pinched or worse if you didnt - but when you have kids it is a lot of fun. The tricky leprechauns left shamrocks all over the house and kept pulling tricks on Abigale- turned her milk and yogurt green, messed up her room, and also left a scavenger hunt to find some fun toys. She loved it and still keeps talking about those leprechauns.

Green milk

Finding shamrocks After the scavenger hunt

The presents
Easter was a lot of fun this year. Abigale had an Easter party with some of her friends and on Easter my parents came over for dinner and then we dyed eggs after Conference. Love this time of year but cant wait for it to really warm up. I dont think it has been over 60 degrees yet!
Her new favorite thing is to peel carrots for me:

Getting ready for the hunt:
Easter morning:
How Abigale watches conference:
And Lydia:
Dying eggs!
I cant get this picture to turn but this is what my parents got Abigale. Her own b-ball hoop. Now she can play "just like daddy because daddy loves basketball"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lets Go Fly a Kite . . .

It was my parents birthdays last month and I asked Abigale what she wanted to get her Papa and she said a kite, of course. My dad loves doing anything and everything with his grandkids so I knew he would love flying a kite with Abigale and Lydia. Abigale picked out the perfect kite and after a delicious Thai dinner, we went to the park to test his birthday present out. The wind was perfect but also a little cold (actually a lot cold). I forgot to bring the girls' coats so luckily I had some extra sweaters in the car. They loved wearing the big sweaters and thought it was pretty funny. We had a great time and can't wait for more kite flying in the future! Look at that smile!

I love this picture:Very cold!Silly Abigale and Silly Papa

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well I am finally getting around to blogging about our trip to Disneyland which was amazing. We stayed for a week and went to Disneyland for 3 days and spent a day at Universal Studios. It was perfect because usually in the morning we would all go on rides together and then in the afternoon Jonathan's parents would take the girls so that we could go on the big rides and at night we would spend time with just our girls as a family. It was the best of everything! Looking at these pictures again makes me want to go back!
Since I have so many pictures (and I have finally figured out how to make collages on our new computer) I posted some of my favorite pictures first and then made collages with the rest. Sorry some of the pics are blurry, I am still trying to figure it out. Enjoy!
The whole gang waiting for California Park to open:
Disneyland! Universal Studios
Having fun at the Disney Store: