Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a week!

Last week was soo much fun. I love this time of year; BBQ's, picnics, boating, vacations, etc.
Last Friday we had an end of the year party for Abigale's preschool by having a picnic at Settler's Park. The park is a lot of fun. It has water fountains and a huge playground. We were not able to stay as long as we would have liked because of other plans, but it was a great way to end preschool for the summer. (Not the best pics, but you get the idea)
Last Saturday, our friends were nice enough to invite us to go boating with them and it was a blast. Jonathan was so happy to be on the water again and I am happy I survived the tubes without killing myself. We were all a little sore the next day but it was well worth it. Abigale loved the boat but did not like the life jacket and Lydia is the most easy going baby that she just smiled the whole time and took a nice nap.

Abigale and her friend Maeley in their "umbrella fort"
Jonathan somehow talked Abigale into getting in the tube and she liked it until water got in her face: The three stooges!
Yes, that is me in the middle! (Thanks Holly for the pictures)Last Sunday, my parents came over for dinner and that is always a treat! We have learned that we cannot tell Abigale they are coming until five minutes before they come or else she just sits in front of the window and asks us every 5 seconds when they are coming. The weather was perfect and we loved playing outside.
I LOVE this pictureAbigale flexing her muscles I have to thank my parents this last week for babysitting so much for us! On Wednesday, Abigale stayed the night at their house so that I could go to my friends birthday party at a fondue restaurant (yummy!!) and Jonathan went to his friends house with Lydia. Thursday, they babysat some more so that we could go the temple (it had been too long!) and on Friday night they came over so that we could go play lazer tag and hang out with a group of friends. I feel like we neglected our children all week but I know Abigale loved it and hopefully it was fun for them too!
After the crazy week this is how I found Abigale and Jonathan Saturday night and I had to take pictures!
I just noticed that I am not really in any of the pics so here is one of me to show that I am alive! (Yes, Lydia is bigger then Abigale!)