Thursday, March 19, 2009

They Grow Up Too Fast!

Things have been pretty busy lately which has been nice but the time seems to be flying by which means my girls continue to grow up on me. Lydia is now 4 1/2 months old and is our sweetheart. She is still in the 98% for weight at 16 lbs and 80% for height but we love every ounce of her. She is so fun to have in the house and three nights this week she slept 12-13 hours straight without getting up to eat. It was amazing but too bad we cant say the same thing for Abigale who is till our early bird. Not loving rice cereal:
Abigale started joy school last week and it has been a lot of fun. Four little girls in our ward that are all 3 or turning 3 this year get together twice a week for 90 minutes and learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sing, dance and have a great time. Every week we rotate houses and next week it is our house. Abigale really enjoys it but since she is so shy and is still getting to know the kids I have been going with her but hopefully she will be able to go by herself soon. Abigale is the youngest but it is good for her to be around other little girls. I can already tell such a difference in her vocabulary and just the way she talks. She keeps us laughing!
First day of school. Doesn't she look cute and excited?:
Jonathan is doing great at his job. With the economy right now, things have been a little frustrating at times but we feel blessed to even have a job. He has also been keeping busy with all of his many projects around the house which is great because he saves us a lot of money with his projects. For example, we really needed a new desk but instead of buying a new one, he took our old one, cut it up and created the perfect custom desk. He also fixed his car, with a little help from Abigale, and when we moved in, made an awesome bookshelf. Thanks honey!
The desk. It is hard to really see and I wish we had a before picture but it is awesome.
The bookshelf, this is my favorite thing he had made:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth = Happiest Little Girl on Earth

We had such an amazing time at Disneyland with my parents. Abigale and Lydia both were amazing and such good travelers. Abigale loves airplanes so just the plane ride there was enough for her but it only got better. Even our hotel was awesome. They had a fake lion in the lobby up on some rocks above a fish pond and every 30 minutes smoke would come out and the lion would stand up and roar. Abigale was pretty freaked out at first but she loved it and the hotel was set up so that all the rooms faced in toward the lobby. Every 10 minutes she was wanting to go out in the hall and watch the lion. It was pretty fun.
We spent three days at Disneyland and the California Park. Abigale loved every second of it and was happy as can be the entire time even though she never took a nap. The weather was perfect which was good and bad. It was the first nice weekend in a long time so a lot of people were there which made for long lines but of course it was worth it! Abigale's favorite "rides" were the Winnie the Pooh ride, the Tiki Bird house (she saw that about 5 times), Dumbo ride, Peter Pan, and although she kept saying the Pirates of the Caribean were too scary she cant stop talking about it. She also loved the Disney Playhouse Show with Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins and the Bug's Life area. She did not like when the monster of Monsters, Inc tried to give her a high five. Her face was of sheer terror but it was still pretty cute. Overall it was an amazing trip and much needed. Thanks Mom and Dad!
I made a slide show with all the pictures but for some reason it will not post it so here are a few of my favorites and hopefully I will soon have more up.