Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 months!

Okay so I missed a few months, and a lot has happened with our Ryan! He now has his two bottom teeth! They came in about a month ago and we are waiting for some more to follow. He wasn't too upset when they came in but he did get a pretty bad rash which looked very painful but he survived.
He is also full on crawling! He never scooted or really rolled around much but once he figured out how to crawl he was off! Before he even learned how to crawl he was pulling himself up on everything so when he put the two together, he was one excited boy!
He loves to point at things. He doesnt wave good-bye he just points. When he wants someone or something he points or reaches like in the above picture. He is also a very good grunter and can help us figure out what he wants through his points and grunts. If I even walk in the kitchen with him he starts going crazy pointing and grunting at all the food that he wants to eat. Speaking of food- he is a very good eater. He will eat just about anything but I have noticed he doesnt eat a lot. I think he just likes to eat little bits of food all day long. His favorites so far seem to be bananas, strawberries, cheerios, bread and applesauce but the only thing he has ever actually spit out and not eaten are peas. He still nurses but really only a few times a day. I think he will be pretty easy to wean (hopefully).

He still loves his sisters and they love him. When he wakes up in the morning and the girls hear him they will stop whatever they are doing and run to him and cover him with kisses and he loves it. He will laugh and try and pull their hair. He is a very silly boy and loves to play games and make you laugh. He will randomly start spitting and then look at you to see if you are laughing and then just keep going laughing in between each spit.

He is also much more adventurous then the girls were. He will pull himself up to something and then just let go or he will dive to reach something just hoping he makes it. I can see a lot of trips to the doctor in his future. He is also standing by himself for longer periods of time. Tonight he stood there for almost a minute. I am sure he will be walking before his first birthday!

And finally, (most importantly to me) he is finally doing much better at sleeping! He still struggles with naps but sleeps much better at night. He usually goes to bed around 7 (its so early because he hardly takes any naps all day and is exhausted by about 6) and I usually feed him before I go to bed around 11 and then he sleeps until about 6 am, I feed him and he goes back to bed until about 9 am. I can definitely live with that kind of sleeping schedule. He sure love him and his cute personality and can't wait to see what he has in store for us next month!

10 month stats

22 lbs 70%

29 in 60%

head 17 in 25%

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years in Driggs

We spent the week after Christmas playing at home but we were ready to play with cousins so we made the trip to Driggs for New Years weekend. We spent a lot of time playing in the snow, playing games, and we brought our wii so we played lots of video games. It was so fun and I love watching my kids play with their cousins. They have so much fun and it is such a special bond!

The first night all the girls were sleeping in the same room and when we went to check on them they had all fallen asleep on the bean bag. It was so sweet but they looked so uncomfortable. I dont know how they fell asleep! Every night we played wii games. We did a lot of dancing and boxing!Ben would get so into boxing. He was kicking and run around all over. I wouldnt want to mess with him!Bonding over the wiiI love this picture. My dad was making everyones favorite blueberry pancakes and all the grandkids had to help! They were defintely made with love!On Sunday we went to church and Lydia just looked so cute and kept going around the house asking everyone how pretty she looked. I had to take some pictures!Ben and Abigale together again!This picture is so sweet!The house is right by a lake and it was pretty warm so the snow was really slushy on top of the water. Jonathan and Brady went out and shoveled away the snow and the next morning the water froze and made a perfect ice skating rink. Claire and Eliza got ice skates for Christmas so it was perfect.All the cousins minus Max :( who we missed sooo much! Such a fun weekend and a great way to start the new year!


We had such a great Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve at Jonathan's parents and had fun baking, playing basketball, watching football games, and just getting ready for Santa.
The kids getting ready to open their first present of Christmas- Pajamas of course! Lydia, in her new pajamas, put on a show for everyone Christmas Eve night. She did some dances and sang songs- she is quite the performer. Abigale stood on the sideline and helped when Lydia forgot a step or note.Ryan is use to watching his sisters perform. I think Aaron was singing along!After Lydia's performance, we all sang Christmas songs and read the Christmas Story from the scriptures and then watched Elf- favorite Christmas movie!The girls wanted to write thank you notes for Santa to go with his cookies. I love how you can just see the excitement in their faces!Before bed, Grandma and Grandpa read Lydia a Christmas book- it was so sweet!Presents from Santa. Abigale's on the left and Ryans on the floor.The beautiful tree:Jonathan's dad is an amazing painter and the night before Christmas Eve, Abigale asked him if she could paint a picture of baby Jesus. Apparently, he drew the picture but she did most of the painting. I was very impressed and am excited to have the paintings for Christmas every year!They also painted this one!Christmas morning! The girls woke up so excited around 7:00 but unfortunately, Ryan did not sleep much all night and the girls had to wait upstairs for everyone to wake up. It was torture trying to distract them and keep them from running down. Finally, they were released and it was worth the wait!I love this age because it doesnt matter what they get, they are so excited!Lydia got the pink rose she asked for from Santa (thank you dollar section of Target)Aaron got all the guys these awesome shirts- I love Jonathans!Two of Jonathan's presents- gift card to his favorite donut shop and ear plugs (yes, they have been used when a certain baby is crying and he needs sleep!)Abigale made us this plate in preschool and she was so excited for us to open it since the moment she brought it home and put it under the tree. Such a sweet girl!Aunt Laurie gave this to Lydia and it was a hit! Pretty sure she wears it everyday!Even Ryan got some presents!A rocking horse!After opening everything and eating sticky buns and waffles (Yum!) the girls got a few toys out but we decided to head home after lunch so that they could really get everything out without having to re-box it all.All the presents ready to take home.That night we had so much fun as a family. We played our new wii dance games and broke out the new zumba workout. It was awesome! Christmas just gets better and better every year!