Thursday, September 30, 2010

And We're Back . . . . with some catching up to do!

Well we had our computer completely wiped clean a few weeks ago so that has been my excuse for not blogging but it is finally time to document the rest of the summer before the fall turns winter. Hopefully there will be quite a few blogs in the next few days and then I will be caught up.

In the end of July my sister and her family were in Pocatello for a few days so the girls and I decided to make a quick trip out of it so we could spend some more time before they headed back to Singapore. Like always my girls loved every minute of being with their cousins. We miss them so much and will hopefully see them at Christmas?
My mom has some fun dress up clothes so the kids were busy with that. Luckily, she had a pirate outfit in the midst of the princesses and fairys for Ben!

I love Ben's pirate face! Precious!

Having fun in the swimming pool. The water was pretty cold but they slowly got more brave and were jumping in by the end of the day.
All of the kids were in bed but somehow Papa lured them all out one by one as they watched some Bugs Bunny on his computer. They were all laughing pretty hard even William!
We headed down to my elementary school so the kids could run around but it was pretty hot so we didnt stay long. It's funny how even though my school now has some new playground toys they still had they old scary looking ones and they brought back a lot of memories!

I love this picture of Lydia. She looks so old to me! We had such a great time!