Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long Overdue Update

I know I should have written this update quite awhile ago, but things have been a little crazy around here. We have two big announcements. First, Jonathan accepted a job with Enterprise Car Rental in their management program and begins working on May 1st! We are really excited but the job is in Boise so we will be moving in about 6 days! I cant believe we are finally leaving Provo! We have loved it here but it is definitely time to move on and as Jonathan puts it "get a real job." He is going to miss the MTC so much but he has been there for 4 years and when the average person works there for 8 months, we figure it is time to move on. So we have began packing slowly but this week we will kick it into full gear. Jonathan will graduate on Friday morning and then we will pack all day and then drive a 24 foot truck on Saturday morning to Boise. Hopefully everything will go smoothly but moving is always so stressful.
Things have been especially difficult because of announcement #2:

This is the shirt that Abigale wore to Jonathan's parents house on Easter and the pictures that we put in a slide show for my family.

Yes, we are having another baby! I am about 11 weeks along and am due the middle of November! We were a little surprised but also very excited. Abigale and baby #2 will be 2 years and 2 weeks apart and so I am excited about that but these last few weeks have been pretty rough. With Abigale I was only sick at night, but this time and I am sick all day every day. I am counting down the days until the first trimester is over, thankfully I am almost there. So that is the update with us. We are really excited about the new events in our life and feel extremely blessed. We are going to miss Utah, all of our friends, and especially Jonathan's family. We have loved living so close to them but I know that we will visit as often as we can (we wont be that far away) and hopefully they will visit us! If any of you are ever in Boise, please visit us too!