Sunday, August 11, 2013

December 2012

Like hopefully everyone else, our December was full of fun Christmas activities!

Looking very cute in a Christmas outfit!
 Making Christmas Decorations

 Having fun at the Treehouse Museum. We were able to have cookies and milk with Santa!

Writing letters to Santa:
 Abigale said she wanted two baby boos, makeup, a game, and a lalaloopsy.
 Polar Express with some great friends!
 They even got to meet Santa and he gave them a bell:
 Christmas Programs:
 Visits from our BFFs in Idaho!
 Gingerbread house decorating:
 Early Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa Tanner:

 I teach Abigale's class in our church so I promised them a Christmas Party at my house. Not going to lie, I was not prepared for the craziness of 11 kids but it was fun!

 Lights at Temple Square:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

November Fun 2012!

After having Abigale's birthday, Halloween, and Lydia's birthday all in one week I was pretty exhausted so it was the perfect time to have my parents come stay with us for a weekend to finish it all off with a bang! It started with the first real snow fall. We were so excited but little did we know how much snow we would get in the next few months! Crazy! Papa and Nana took us to breakfast at Kneaders which has since become Abigale's favorite place to eat but she gets a little frustrated when we go there during the day and they are no longer serving the french toast! Life is so unfair! :) We then went to the mall and the girls got a new outfit, did some shopping at Costco (new snow tires), and then headed home and played in the snow. After Papa got his nap in, :) we took the girls to Wreck It Ralph and brought home some dinner. It was such a fun day!

At Kneaders, impatiently waiting for the french toast!

The first (and only) snowman of the season. Don't mind Ryan's pink pants!

Papa getting his nap in and again, dont mind Ryan's pants!
 Random November

It was Parent week at Bravo, where my girls do dance and tumbling, so we got to watch Lydia do a little dance and show us what she has learned. My little Ballerina!
Ryan's newest trick- pull the stool over to the utensil drawer and pull out all the silverware. He is pretty proud of himself!

Visit from Uncle Jeff! My brother flew in for Thanksgiving and we were lucky enough to have him come and eat dinner with us. The kids adore him but we just don't get to see him nearly as much as we would like!

Someone discovered Barney! This was the first time he sat down and actually watched a show. I am not going to lie, it has been pretty nice ever since. I can now actually shower and get things done while he watches his show. He is still in love with Barney but he also like Elmo and Superwhy.
This year we celebrated with Jonathan's family and it was great until five minutes before we sat down to eat dinner.   Abigale started saying that her throat hurt and just wanted to lay down. She looked kind of pale but didnt have a fever but as we were getting ready to say the prayer she threw up all over herself. While everyone started eating I was up in the bathroom with the poor girl getting her cleaned up. She pretty much threw up all night long which was okay because I was up most of the night black friday shopping online. After that every 24 hours someone else in the family got sick except for me and Jonathan's parents and brothers also got the stomach flu. We felt so bad! Despite the sickness it was nice to be with everyone!
Ryan and his Grandpa playing outside.

In Jonathan's family, the girls hangout all Thanksgiving morning and bake lots and lots of delicious pies. It is really fun and this is how Lydia contributed- licking the spoons!

We took a walk to the park which is close to their house and it was such a beautiful day!

Poor sick girl! This was Abigale the rest of the time there!

Ryan's turn at the sickness!
A few days after Thanksgiving, everyone was starting to feel a little bit better so we started getting out the Christmas decorations! One of my favorite things ever! It was so fun but poor Lydia was on the couch sick the whole time. Ryan enjoyed it and loved finding "ho ho" all over the house!
 We did our take of Elf on the Shelf with our friend- Elfie! The girls loved him! Such a fun new tradition that I cant wait to do every year!
 We made a trip to Ikea and this was Ryan's first real ice cream cone and he loved it and ate every bite!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lydia's Turn at a Birthday (in November)!

I dont even know where to start in describing Lydia! She has the biggest imagination which is a blessing and a curse! She lives inside her own world in her head so she can entertain herself for hours but she also has a very hard time focusing and being serious! She keeps us laughing with the things she comes up with every day. She is a natural performer but she hates being in front of people. She loves playing with her friends but only if they will play "mom and dad" and follow her rules but she is really working on this. She loves her family but has a hard time playing with her baby brother because "he is a boy and just a baby." She loves Barbie, especially Barbie and Popstar and still loves dressing up like a princess. She is very smart and recently discovered reading. She knows the sounds of all the letters and loves trying to put the sounds together to see what words she can read by herself and then she gets so happy when she figures it out! She has flashcards with words on them and she loves going through them and reading them to me. We love our Lydia and cant wait to watch her continue to grow (just not too fast)!

The day before her birthday we decided to cut her hair. It was so long and getting harder to control so she was surprisingly excited to cut it!
So cute!
Birthday girl! She had preschool on her birthday so she made pink oreo cookies to take to her friends.
Before her preschool, Jonathan's mom and sister came and took us out to lunch at Mimi's Cafe. It was fun but a little crazy. My kids were all over the place and had a hard time sitting still but I guess she had a good reason to be so excited!

While she was at preschool, I got her Barbie and Popstar to watch when she got home and she was so happy!
After her movie and before dinner, she got to find all of her presents!

This was what she really wanted and was so happy she got it!

All of her presents! Spoiled girl
 After we opened her presents, we dropped Abigale and Ryan off at a friends house and took her to dinner at McDonalds and then she got to go to the store and pick out anything she wanted, She chose a pack of fairy little pet shops. It was a great day!

Party Time!
Lydia wanted a princess tea party for her party and had all of her guests wear their princess dresses.
Her party was surprisingly calm compared to Abigale's and the girls were so cute and polite! We had a great time!

Decorating their princess sacks
While girls were decorating their sacks, we pulled two over at a time to get some pretty make up on and put glitter in their hair.

Beautiful Princesses!
We played a few fun games- freeze dance, a princess relay, and a version of duck, duck, goose.

Time for a tea party! We had biscuits with strawberry jam, pink pudding with cookies, sugar cookies, and strawberries!
 Happy Birthday cute girl!