Friday, December 23, 2011

Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

So this is going to be a massive post but I want to share all the fun things we have done all month before Christmas Day (in two days)! The girls are with Grandma and Grandpa right now until we join them in the morning- the presents are wrapped, house is clean, and Ryan is sleeping so I am taking advantage of this time.
As soon as we got home from Thanksgiving we got the Chirstmas decorations out. Our tree is so small because we bought it for our basement apartment in Provo our first Christmas together and it is too sentimental to get a new one!Love this guy!And this silly girl!Lydia kept shouting "This is the best Christmas ever!" I love her magical age! So over Thanksgiving my mom and I made this advent calendar. (which Abigale conveniently took a picture of the top half) Everyday they pick an ornament out of the pocket and there is an activity in each pocket as well. It was a lot of fun and a good way to make sure we got all the fun activities in before Christmas.

I took pics of some of the activities:

Have milk and cookies with Santa

The Treehouse Musuem had a fun night where we ate cookies and milk, played at the museum, and then met Santa where the kids asked him questions and then sang with him. It was perfect because the kids didnt wait in line to see him and Lydia didnt get too scared!Attend Abigale's cheerleading performance Abigale attended a cheerleading camp at the local charter school because her friends big sister is a cheerleader. She had so much fun and was so brave to perform at the halftime show. Not sure how I feel about it but I might have a future cheerleader! She keeps asking when she can do it again.Write letters to Santa

The girls wrote letters to Santa and mailed them at the Macy's store. Lydia's letter says: Dear Santa, I want a pink rose. Lots of them. I am thankful for baby Jesus and Mary. Merry Christmas!Abigale asked for a Diego telescope because she had one stolen and wanted a new one. This cute guy did his new favorite thing- pull all the toys out of the bins.Go to Chuck E. Cheese

This is not the most festive but it was cousin Ben's birthday and they flew in for Christmas from Africa and Ben wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese with Abigale. They had so much fun and were there for hours!Silly William!Go to Abigale's dance recital

Abigale kept us busy going to all her performances but we loved it and Lydia cant wait until its her turn. Her class performed the Nutcracker and Abigale went to the Nutcracker in Salt Lake with Nana and her cousins so she was excited.It wasnt our favorite dance because there was not a lot of dancing involved but we were SUPER proud of Abigale for not getting nervous and doing such a great job. Our ballerina!Decorate Cookies Play in the Snow

Luckily it snowed at least one day this month. The girls loved throwing snowballs at the garage door!Have a cousin Christmas Party!

All the cousins were in Utah for a day so we had to get them together and have a party. We had pizza, played games, made a ice cream cone tree, and opened presents.Will and his treeLydia's tree:ElizaClaire flashing the peace sign:Maxers and Caitlin:Getting ready to open presents:These two are always together:Take a ride on the Polar Express

My wonderful friends put together this polar express activity. The kids all wore pajamas and had hot chocolate and cookies. We read the Polar Express while we rode to Woods Cross where Santa was waiting to give out bells. So much fun! Max, Claire, and Ben were able to come with us which made it that much better!Lydia holding her Polar Express ticketThe whole group with SantaHave a picnic dinner by the tree

We had dinner by the tree and then had a Christmas dance party. So much fun!Make Gingerbread HousesGo to Temple Square

So fun to get all bundled up and see the lights. It was very crowded but so worth it.

Have a family Christmas Party

Our last night at home before Christmas we got the big air mattress out, had pizza, caramel popcorn, and watched Polar Express and Dreamworks Christmas cartoons. Perfect night.

What a month! It was so much fun and a little crazy! Merry Christmas everyone!