Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Bash!

Since the the girls' birthdays are a week apart we decided to have a joint birthday party. Abigale got to invite 5 friends and Lydia invited 3. We decided to do a rainbow theme because it is cute and something they could both agree on. It was fun to decorate the house in such bright colors especially since it snowed and was so gloomy outside. Like any party it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun and so worth it. I love my birthday girls!
The decorations: Abigale was able to help quite a bit. She colored rainbows all day and hung them over the house. I gave her a special wall to decorate- maybe you can tell which wall :) Some of the activities- When the girls first got to the house, they decorated their gift bags which had a picture of a rainbow for them to color. They earned prizes throughout the day and used the gift bags to store everything. We then played pin the crown on Ariel because Abigale really wanted Ariel at her party. We also played a few circle games having to do with rainbows of course!

We then took a break and ate some food! We had rainbow jell-o, rainbow cookies, rainbow marshmellow pops, rainbow goldfish crackers, etc. Next it was time for the pinata. The store was out of rainbow pinatas so we got the next best thing- a unicorn! The girls loved hitting it and loved the candy even more! Time for presents (its funny because this is what all of the kids were most excited for): They got some great stuff! Thank you everyone! Time for cakeThey were a little excited!

It took awhile to light all the candles! Of course it had to be a rainbow cake! So fun and worth work!
It was such a great day! Thank you to everyone for coming and for those that helped!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

She is 5!

This little lady turned 5!!! She is such a sweet girl and we are so lucky to have her in our family. She is such a peacemaker and amazing big sister. She knows what Lydia needs before I do and will help her with it. Ryan lights up when she come in the room and she can always get him to giggle!We are so proud of her and the beautiful little girl she is turning into! Now for the celebration! We started the morning off with her favorite happy face pancakes!We decorated the toy room with signs, streamers, and balloons. This is her first walking in:The birthday girl with her birthday crown and ready to eat her pancakeYummy! With the birthday box in the middle ready to be opened!In the first (biggest box) we put one present and I told her it was the best one. It was socks and she just looked at me and said "why is it socks?" It was pretty funny. The second box had a little present (a piggy bank) and all of the cards we made: The card dad made her: She then ran around the house and had to find all of her presents from the clues in the top box. She loved it and loved getting soo many presents. (Most of it is clothes since she grew out of all of her winter clothes. Some of the clothes are from my sister's girls so thank you Kristen!) She did get a little ice cream maker which we have used and loved. Abigale took this picture for me for some reason btu I thought I would document her present :) The birthday girl with her favorite people getting ready to go to church. I love this picture! After church the celebration continued when we went to Grandma and Grandpa Tanners house for dinner and cake. Abigale got so many presents. Look at this big bear Lindsey got for both girls! They love it! Grandma got Abigale a whole set of winter snow clothes. She especially loves this Hello Kitty hat! We call this the Abigale doll from Aunt Laurie because it looks just like her! More wrestling of the big bear! (Good thing we have a big toy room!) Blowing out the candles of the Tinker Bell Cake!Such a pretty cake and one happy birthday girl! Thank you everyone for making the day so special for our special girl! Stay tuned for pics of Lydia's b day and one big party!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pics of Halloween!

We had a great Halloween and the girls had plenty of chances to dress up!
It started with the ward trunk or treat- our two little fairies! And our little monkey!

We also went to The Treehouse Museum's halloween "Walk in the Woods". They had characters dressed up throughout the museum and then got a gift bag at the end. The girls love that place and we are lucky to have a season pass so we got as often as we can!

The three little pigs helped Abigale build the arch Abigale at her preschool Halloween Party Abigale and her two buddies Ashlie and SerenaHalloween night! Daddy took the kids for the first part and then brought Ryan home and I took them out with some friends for the last 30 minutes or so. Abigale was so excited to get candy. Lydia barely got out of the stroller. I love this picture! After trick-or-treating the kids came home and we had homemade ice cream (which Abigale made with her new ice cream maker) and apples and carmel dip. We got out the air mattress and watched Shrek Halloween. Silly girls. The funny part was that the girls came home and forgot about their candy. I think they each had one or two pieces and the rest of it we gave away and used at their birthday party (pics on that soon). It was a great holiday and we are ready for Thanksgiving!