Tuesday, July 31, 2012

May Recap

Continuing the month by month recap, May was another month that flew by but got us really excited for the summer. My sister and her family came from Africa for the summer we had Mother's Day, preschool graduation, and Memorial Day (I will do a separate post on that weekend next). Enjoy the pics!

Yes, we gave in and bought a trampoline! For the first month the girls were constantly on it and now that it is hot, they only get on if the sprinkler is under it!

We spent a lot of time at the park and let Ryan experience the sand and toys for the first time! That kid is crazy and has NO fear. He will climb to the very top and pretty much fall down the slide and do it over and over. Boys are so different then girls! Lydia will barley go on the slide now!
 Mothers Day Weekend
Abigale's preschool did a cute mother and muffins party. They had pictures of all their moms and sang cute songs. They also filled out a questionnaire about us which was quite hilarious and gave us a key chain with their picture in it.

We spent some time at the park playing basketball. Have I mentioned that this boy is obsessed with balls?

I got to spend Mothers Day rocking this sweet boy to sleep! One of my favorite moments of mothers day!
 When my sister got here from Africa, she pretty much dropped off her oldest three kids with my parents and flew to Seattle to find a house. Luckily they flew into Salt Lake so they got to spend the weekend with us. They were pretty jet lagged so we did our best to keep them awake and in the sun during the day and keep them asleep at night. We spent a lot of time at the park! Another bonus of having my parents staying with us for the weekend was that Jonathan and I got to go on a date. We were looking up movies and saw that there was a drive in close by so we went to The Avengers and it was so much fun! We only saw the first movie because we still had to go to the store to buy food for mothers day and it was already almost midnight when it ended but it was awesome!
Mothers day picnic!

Love my kids!

We took the kids to Classic Fun Center which has a lot of bounce houses and roller skating. You can tell that Ben is still fighting the jet lag!

Abigale started learning to ride her bike without training wheels. I don't think she was really ready but I accidentally ran over one of her training wheels and it broke so she didn't really have a choice. It was a little rough at first but she is doing great now!

Love this picture! They have the cutest relationship!
 Preschool Graduation
Abigale had a great year at preschool. I wouldn't say she was challenged academically but she had a lot of fun and it was good for her socially. At the end of the year they had a parent teacher conference and her teacher said that she was quiet in class but it was just because she always wanted to follow the rules. She also said that she was very smart and the type of girl that would be a presidential scholar in high school! So nice to hear good things from teachers even if it is just preschool!

Love this girl!

Abigale and Mrs Sonya

Abigale with her two friends that we carpooled with everyday, Serena and Ashlie. Driving them to and from school was pretty entertaining!

We didn't have any serious sickness this month but Lydia did get a major owie! We were in Kohls shopping and Lydia and Abigale were chasing each other and Lydia tripped and slammed her head on the bottom of the clothes rack. It made the worst sound and I was so scared to pick her up. I thought for sure she cracked her head open but it was just a big bump. They gave us some ice immediately which helped a lot with the swelling and by the next morning it was almost gone thank goodness!

We had a fun family night at the Real Soccer game. The kids really only cared about the food but it was still fun.

This big boy moved into a new car seat! It was actually a little rough at first because he could see me and wanted me to hold him and he couldn't see his sisters in the back any more who usually entertain him.. Now he is use to it and doing great!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

April Recap

 April was a fun month with Easter a trip to Temple Square and haircuts! Enjoy the picture update!

I was able to go to Abigale's preschool and help out with the Easter party. It was fun to see her in her school element and watch her interact with her friends. She is pretty shy like I expected but also very sweet and polite!
Eating fun Easter treats.

Going on an egg hunt.

Easter Games!

Abigale rarely takes a nap anymore and when she does it is precious!

Dying Easter eggs at Nana and Papas house!

Love this sweet boy.  I kept him up past his naptime at a friends house so he decided to take his nap in the swing and not wait for me any longer!

His favorite thing to do is go in my bathroom and either unroll the toilet paper or find the box of Q tips and throw them everywhere and sometimes put them in his mouth.

Princess Tea Party Picnic with her friend Kate
 We took the kids to Temple Square for the day and the kids love it! It is one of their favorite places to go because they love the flowers, running around, looking at the brides, and seeing the "castle" mom and dad were married in!

This was at the children's museum in the church history museum. Lydia loved dressing up and dancing.
April was also the month of the dentist. We all went to the dentist and between the four of us (not Ryan) we had four cavities.  All four of them came from Miss Lydia! Looks like we did not do as good of a job as we thought in teaching her how to brush her teeth! She had to go two different times to get all the cavities filled and was so brave. She loved watching the movie on the ceiling and the laughing gas helped! The only problem was after she was done and her mouth was still numb she bit the inside of her mouth a few times and when the medicine wore off she really cried because of how bad it hurt! I felt so bad but hopefully no more cavities!
 Abigale really wanted to get her hair cut short. She had been asking me for months but I was a little hesitant because she has beautiful hair but it was getting way to long so it was time to cut it. We went to a cute kids salon and the stylist told her that if she cut 8 inches she could donate her hair. Abigale was really excited to think that someone could wear her hair as a wig so we went for it and I LOVE the way it turned out. I don't think she will have long hair again for a long time!
Getting ready!

After the cut! It already looks so much better!

8 inches

Adding some layers

Ta da! So cute!

No month can go by without a sick kid and this month was his turn! He had a really high fever for a few days and was miserable as you can tell by the picture!

Ryans Big Birthday

Yay! Ryan turned 1 on March 28th and we had a fun party to celebrate! It was a lot of fun to plan a "boy" party with lots of blue and brown instead of pink and princesses (which I love doing as well)! We had a simple get together with some family and friends but really enjoyed watching Ryan attempt his cake. He did not smash his face in it but he did pick off all the frosting and then slowly made his way to eating most of his cake. It was so much fun to celebrate our sweet boy! Thank you to everyone that came!
The decorations:
The birthday boy waiting for his guests to arrive:

 This was a fun picture collage I made where each picture was from a month of his life.
 Cute Boy:

Some of the guests:
 Opening presents: Jonathans mom gives the grandkids a quilt for their first birthday and Ryan's turned out so cute.

 I love the kids "helping" with the presents:

 Ryan and Grandma Tanner.
 Getting ready for the cake:
 Picking of the frosting:

 Going for it: