Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes, we are alive!

Well, my excuse for not blogging in almost two months is a pretty good one. We dont have the internet! I am going crazy but my sweet husband finally called today and got us signed up so I will hopefully become a more consistent blogger in a few weeks. So a quick update while I have a few minutes with the internet (you really dont realize how much you rely on it until you dont have it!):
- We bought our first house! Hurray! We are now living in Nampa, ID and love our cute little house. It has been so much fun to decorate and just to know that it is ours for at least a few years. I will post pictures as soon as it gets a little more put together.
- Jonathan is currently working at the airport for Enterprise and once again, is doing amazing. He continues to get bonuses and recognized for his hard work and we are so proud of him! The only hard part if that he has a crazy schedule. He usually works about four 13 hour days and then has three days off. In some ways it is nice, but it can be a little hard to not see him for four days in a row and he also has to work on a few Sundays which is a bummer. Hopefully he will only be at the airport for a few more months.
-I am now 34 weeks pregnant and counting! I just went to the doctor and everything is looking good. I have had a pretty good pregnancy so far but will be happy when our little girl is out of my belly and into my arms. I have been pretty nervous to have another baby, wondering how Abigale is going to handle it, but lately I have been very excited to have another little one to love and I know that Abigale is going to be a great big sister because she is so nurturing and loving.
-Abigale is at such a fun stage. At first, she had a hard time moving away from Nana and Papa but now she loves "her house" and especially loves playing in the back yard. She is talking so much and now loves to sing. Her favorite song is "Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins and will walk around the house singing it all day long! It is so funny to listen to her. She now sleeps in her big girl bed and we are currently working on Potty Training! She does okay, but we have a long ways to go before she is completely out of her diapers! She hasnt quite figured out to tell me when she has to go so I just have to keep putting her on her potty every hour or so. Hopefully before the baby she will be a little better.
Well that is a brief update with us, but hopefully in a few weeks I will be much better at updating. I hope that all is well with everyone and cant wait to continue to catch up on everyone's blogs!