Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Update!

I had my 37 week checkup today and so far things are looking really good. Last week I was dilated to a 1 and this week to a 3 and the doctor said that the head was really low. As of right now I am scheduled to be induced on November 6th but the doctor said that she would not be surprised if I didnt make it to that day. I know that this is crazy but I kind of hope that this baby waits for two more weeks. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to meet her and I am very tired of being pregnant but Abigale's birthday is next week and I would like to focus on her and her little party all week and then have a week to get ready for the baby. (This is why I love getting induced because I like feeling that I am in a little bit more control and can get everything ready for that day instead of waiting around but who knows what will happen with this baby.)
When Abigale was born she was pretty little- under 7 lbs and had a tiny head- but the doctor said that this baby feels a lot bigger and I agree. My stomach feels much larger and is extremely tight all the time, which is not very comfortable but as long as the baby is healthy, I really dont care.
This brings me to another point, I keep calling her the baby because we still do not have a name. She could come any day and I would really like to have a name picked out before we go to the hospital. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love it! The names we are kind of thinking of are Lauren, Brooklyn, or Madelyn but I am not sure I am in love with any of these names. I kind of want a fun name but still a classic name. Anyway that is all for now but I will keep you updated. Oh and I promise pictures of the house are coming!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Face!

I have been teaching Abigale about different emotions by showing her how to make happy faces, sad faces, mad faces, etc. Well, now whenever I get the camera out she thinks she needs to make a happy face and as you can tell, she has an interesting take on being happy! I love this girl!

She is eating cookie dough in this picture, so of course she is happy.

This little fox was left in the yard when we moved in and is now Abigale's best friend. She carries him everywhere and as many times as Jonathan tries to hide him, she finds him and treats him like her little baby.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Summer 2008 Picture Overload

Since we finally have the internet and I finally found our camera cord, here are all the pictures I know you have all been waiting for from this summer :) . We had such a fun time and were able to capture some of the fun things we did (when I remembered to take my camera and then remembered to take pictures). Enjoy, but just a warning that there are a lot of pictures because a lot of this is more for me to remember our fun summer!

The day before we left for Boise, Jonathan graduated! Abigale had just woken up and you can tell. Helping dad plant tomato plants:

Cute Pictures: While Abigale is scared of a lot of things, animals are not one of them. It always amazes me that she will walk up to any animal and start petting it so we took her to a little petting zoo and she loved it:

Just down the street from my parents house is a really fun swimming pool and everyday during the summer between 10-12 only the baby pool was open for kids 4 and under. Abigale loved playing in the water and at noon the city served free lunch in the park and then on the walk home, she always feel asleep. It was the perfect way to start every summer morning. Unfortunately, I forgot to take more pictures:
4th of July
For the 4th of July we took Abigale to the Boise Zoo, which she of course loved. We then went to a parade in downtown Boise and came home and lit a few fireworks before Abigale went to bed. It was a great day.
I love this picture. They had a huge tube slide and this was her face everytime she came down it.At the parade, showing her patriotism: Her reactions to the fireworks were priceless:Boston
In July my parents took Abigale and I with them to Boston. I have always loved Boston and it was fun to experience it again with Abigale (Unfortunately, Jonathan had to work)
No vacation to Boston is complete without a trip to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play. I was really nervous that Abigale would have a hard time sitting for so long but she loved everything about the game. She loved the music in between plays, clapping with the crowd, imitating the players throw the ball and the batters hit the ball, and she especially loved doing the wave.
She cheered so much that she wore herself out and fell asleep:Boston's Children Museum: Abigale's favorite part of the entire trip was this water fountain. I love this picture because just after I took it, water squirted up from the hole that she was standing over and she got blasted in the face. It was a little sad but also pretty funny. She still loved the fountain and mostly because of. . . . . .Her crazy uncle Jeffrey!She couldnt get enough of him playing in the water!Beautiful Cape Cod: While my sister and her husband visited us in Boise, we enjoyed a night at the Idaho State Fair and of course had to take Abigale to the petting and feeding zoo:
My sister won Abigale this puppy at the fair and she still carries it everywhere:

Well, if you made it to the end- I am amazed. We had so much fun but I am sad that I forgot to take pictures of our family reunion at Bear Lake and the few days we were able to spend with Jonathan's family in Utah. Stay tuned for more pictures of our new house.