Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello Kitty Pajama Party Time!

Every year I say that the girls are not going to have a big party for their birthdays and every year I give in! There are just too many cute ideas and I want them to feel special on their birthdays with lots of friends and family! This year Abigale decided she wanted a Hello Kitty party and that she wanted everyone to wear pajamas, so thats what we did! She invited a lot of girls (11) and all of them were able to come! Eleven 6-7 year old girls was crazy! Like, really crazy but also a lot of fun!
They started by decorating their white sacks to look like Hello Kitty while we waited for everyone to show up and then we played pin the bow on the kitty.

The whole group! I made Hello Kitty headbands for each girl as well!

 We then headed downstairs for more games.

 A little freeze dance which was awesome! Eleven girls screaming and dancing to Taylor Swift!

 Of course we had to have a Pinata! It was Abigale's first request and something she insists on having every year!

 The girls then decorated cookies to look like Hello Kitty and they turned out super cute!
 Time for cupcakes and ice cream! After that we let the girls calm down and watch a Hello Kitty movie with lots of popcorn! It was so fun but we are not doing it next year! ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Halloween 2012!

 This year we had an adorable Minnie Mouse, Witch, and Superman for Halloween! We had a great time celebrating at our ward trunk or treat, class parties, carving pumpkins, and of course the real trick or treating!

Pumpkin carving time! Love how Ryan was helping daddy!

Visiting Abigale had her class party!

At first Ryan was really hesitant but when he realized people were putting candy in his basket and all he had to do was say "trick or treat" he was all over it and running from house to house!

Some tired girls after a fun night of begging for candy!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

She turned 6! (in October)!

 I can't believe I have a 6 year old! That is so old! I may be biased but I think I have the very best 6 year old ever! She is such a fun, sweet, responsible, caring, and wonderful girl! I am so glad she is my oldest child. She takes care of everyone in the house (including me!) She loves to clean and loves when I give her "jobs"! She makes her bed every morning and gets dressed before she even comes up stairs. She is always trying to find ways to make money (just like her dad) and takes it very seriously. She is best friends with Lydia and is always so sweet with Ryan. She also loves to play with friends and is frustrated that most of her friends go all day and she is home by noon so she doesnt have anyone to play with until 3:30. She is still pretty quiet but is kind of growing out of it. She is a rule follower and hates when she gets in trouble! I have to be very careful when I discipline her because she is super sensitive about that and it can devastate her to get in trouble. I just feel lucky to be her mom! Love you Abigale!
On her birthday, she started the morning with crepes, her favorite, and then headed to school. I got to come for the last few minutes and hand out a treat to all of her class and they sang happy birthday to her. It was cute and I could tell how special she felt! We then headed to Gardner Village to meet Jonathan's mom, brother, and sisters for lunch and to see the witches. It was so sweet of them to come and my kids were in heaven.
Laurie gave this purse to Abigale she Loves it because she is slightly obsessed with Hello Kitty!
We opened up Abigale's presents by our car so we could store them before looking at the witches. His mom got her some cute dresses and a lot of Hello Kitty books and decorations for her room. So cute!
Silly Birthday Girl! I think she had already had a lot of sugar at this point!

Ryan found himself a buddy in Jonathan's brother Cory. He always attaches himself to a guy, usually daddy or grandpa, but today Cory was the only guy so Ryan would not leave his side!

The whole group! Thanks guys for coming! It was so much fun and Abigale loved it!

 When we got home it was time to open presents. We did the usually birthday box and Abigale loved running around the house finding her toys!
 After presents, we dropped Lydia and Ryan at my friends house and Abigale got to go on a date with just mom and dad. We went to Zupas because she loves the strawberries! I dont think she had one bite of her soup but she was too happy to eat!

 After Zupas we headed to Toys R Us and she got to pick any toy she wanted in the store within budget! It took her quite awhile but she finally decided on a Barbie Squinkie set.
 We then came home and had a Hello Kitty cake that Jonathan's mom bought for her. It was so cute!

 I think she had an amazing day! I know I was exhausted by the end and it was just getting started with Halloween the next day and her party that weekend!