Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100th Post!

Well it only took me about 4 years but I finally reached my 100th post! To celebrate I thought I would share some exciting news! I am sure most of you already know but I havent shared it with the blogging world. We are having baby #3 at the end of March! We are super excited and I am even more excited now that I am over halfway at 21 weeks! The pregnancy has been a little rough to say the least but now that I can actually eat without throwing everything up, I can enjoy the little kicks and movements and be excited about the little one joining our family. We had the big ultrasound a few weeks ago and it was so cute because the baby was laying on its belly with its knees to its chest, looking very comfy. I love this picture because the baby is giving a thumbs up and flexing at the same time! Haha awesome!

And the news you have been waiting for . . .

Thats right, its a boy! We are so excited to add a little boy to our crazy family! Since we told Abigale I was pregnant she told me it was a boy because she needed a sister and brother. When we told her it really was a boy after the ultrasound she just said yeah I already knew that! Almost every day she talks to the baby and asks if he is ready to come play with her. She is a great sister! We are so excited and Jonathan already picked out the outfit to bring him home in!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!We are heading to Utah tomorrow as long as the weather permits! Hope everyone eats a lot of yummy food- I know I will!


Having fun playing in the leaves!

The Birthday Week Continues . . . Lydia Turns 2!

Having my girls birthday exactly a week apart can be a little stressful but a lot of fun! Since most of Lydia's friends are Abigale's friends younger siblings- It was just a week long party for both of them! We decided to keep it very simple and took Lydia to Chuck E. Cheese and invited some friends to join us. I think she was a little young and we had to force her on a few rides to enjoy them but we had a great time!

This is while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her (so excited because Happy Birthday is one of her favorite songs):
Fun times at Chuck E Cheese
After we wore the kids out- we were brave enough to go to some stores and out to dinner with friends. Luckily, it turned out fine and we all had a great time. We then headed back to our house to open presents. At this point Lydia was a little tired, so we saved a few presents for another time (Christmas!)
This was by far her favorite present! First, the princess pajamas she insisted on changing into as soon as she opened them but when she opened the Barney doll it was priceless! She LOVES Barney (luckily, I dont mind him too much and she has learned a lot from some of his movies). The toy plays his "I love you song" and as soon as I started playing it she just sang right along and carries him around everywhere ever since! We love you so much Lydia! You definitely bring a lot of personality to our family! You are either the entertainer trying to make everyone laugh or the drama queen finding ways to get mommy to hold you! My favorite thing you say right now is before you start a sentence you say, "Momma, you want to know what . . . (Abigale hit me, I saw a dog, I am hungry, etc)" It is so cute! Like I mentioned, you love Barney but also The Wiggles and as soon as you wake up you ask to watch a show. You are Abigale's little shadow and get so excited when she lets you play with her. You still are a great sleeper- sleeping 12 hours at night and a 2-3 hour nap everyday. You still need those naps or else you are very grumpy but otherwise you always have a smile on your face. We love you so much!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Abigale's 4th Birthday!

Abigale had a great birthday this year! Like always it feels like a week long celebration. She had a little party a few days before her birthday, the night before we had a ward trunk-or-treat, and on her birthday she got to go with just mom and dad to lunch and to the toy store to pick out a present. That night we went to some friends house to celebrate some more. It was a great day (week) and Abigale asks daily when it is her birthday again.

For her birthday party, we got a great deal on a bounce house and she loved it! This is her watching the man blow it up at 8:00 am. She was begging to go out there but it was a little cold.
This is her classic poise now whenever I take her picture- silly girl! It was finally ready and dad came home just in time to jump with this girls for a minute before heading back to work. Lydia took some coaxing but she loved it by the end of the day.
Abigale's party was a lot of fun. She loves Halloween so we did a Halloween party with scary treats and fun Halloween games but the kids were jumping in the bounce house for the majority of the time so it was great for me and the moms to sit and chat! Abigale jumping until the sun went down! Of course the day of her birthday she couldnt wait to open presents so that was the first thing we did. Modeling her new snow gear while wearing a princess dress? We got her this new toy where you trace the princesses and she spent a good hour just sitting and tracing. She loved it! We took Abigale out to lunch while Lydia was with my parents and her favorite thing in the world is pancakes so we went to IHOP so she could get her smiley face pancake. They even sang to her and brought her ice cream but she ate almost the entire pancake so she was too full for the ice cream. In this pic she was bugged that I was taking her picture- she just wanted to eat! At the toy store she spent most of the time sitting in all of the cars but too bad she had a $20 limit!

Happy Birthday Abigale- We love you so much! You have turned into the sweetest most adorable little girl. You are such a great big sister and love taking care of Lydia and making her laugh. You are so fun to have around the house and your smile lights but a room! We love you!

Some Pictures of Halloween

I wanted to post a few pictures of our Halloween and of course the girls in their princess costumes. Halloween is Abigale's favorite time of year and it might have something to do with that her birthday is on October 30th. She is a lucky girl to open presents in the morning and go trick or treating at night! With Halloween being on Sunday, this year was a little different. We planned on trick or treating Saturday night but no one else in the city had the same idea so we went to our friends trunk or treat and hung out at their house. Abigale missed going door to door but she didnt need any more candy! Two trunk or treats was plenty. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!
Yes, this pumpkin Jonathan carved won first place at the ward party. His talents never cease to amaze me (and kind of scare me)!
At the pumpkin patch: Carving a pumpkin with dad:

She loved it and yes her pumpkin is green. She got to pick one at the pumpkin patch but it had to be one that she could carry herself and this half green one was the only one left but she still loved it!Ariel! Snow White!This is the only picture I got at the ward trunk-or-treat but it was a great night and I am glad my mom was able to go and help Lydia. She was a little nervous about all the costumes but after she got a few pieces of candy she was fine!