Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lydia's Turn!

Well, it's Lydia turn to be spotlighted! She turned 18 months last week and here are her "stats":
Weight: 25.13 lbs (75%)
Height: 31 3/4 in (50%)
She is still a big girl but she is no longer in the 98th percentile! People always ask me how Abigale can be so tiny and Lydia so big and its because Lydia likes food! Her favorite food is the dinosaur chicken nuggets from Costco. If I let her she would eat 10 of these at a time but I limit her to about 4 and try and get some fruit or veggies in. She is kind of picky but if there is something she likes she will eat a lot and I never know when she is full. She also loves just about all fruit but especially strawberries and watermelon. At meal times I usually can't bring out the fruit until after she has eaten the main dish or thats all she would eat. She has also discovered corn on the cob and loves it just like her Daddy!
Lydia has a very fun personality. She loves to laugh and loves to make others laugh. When Abigale will play with her and give her attention she eats it up! She is usually always smiling and with her big mouth and lips- it is about the cutest thing ever. She loves to sing songs- her favorites right now are Twinkle Little Star, Happy and You Know it, and Baby Bumblebee. When she dances she just spins in circles until she gets dizzy and she thinks she can jump but her feet never come off the ground. She loves to play Duck, Duck, Goose but doesnt understand the rules. She just touches everyones head and says Duck until she feels like running and then she will start screaming and will run away. It is pretty funny.
Lydia's two obsessions are books and shoes. She follows me around the house all day with a book in her hand. If I dont know where she is, she is usually is in front of Abigale's bookshelf pulling all the books out and looking through every one. She doesnt have a favorite- just all books but she does like Dora books a lot or books with babies in them. She also loves shoes. If a pair of shoes are anywhere in the house she will find them and have to wear them. It doesn't matter whose shoes they are- she wants to wear them and gets very frustrated until she gets them on.
Lydia is also a screamer and can be very aggressive. I guess this is from being a second child. She screams very loud until she gets attention or until I figure out what she is trying to tell me. She also does not back down to Abigale. If Abigale takes something from her she will come out swinging until she gets it back but she is always quick to say sorry and give her a hug.
As you can see from the pictures, Lydia has curly out of control blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is still a thumb sucker which I am a little nervous about in the future but for now it is the only thing that puts her to sleep and calms her down when she gets upset. She started nursery three weeks ago and has been awesome. I usually stay with her for the first 10-20 minutes and then sneak out. The leaders told me that when she realizes I am gone she says mommy and then just sucks her thumb but is fine. She only cries when I pick her up and I think she is just letting me know she is mad at me!
Lydia is an amazing sleeper and pretty much always has been. She usually sleeps from 8:00-8:00 but likes to hang out in her crib for awhile before she screams for me to get her. She is in between taking 1 and 2 naps a day but usually sleeps for about 3 hours. The doctor said she has 5 teeth coming right now including 3 molars- she has been pretty grumpy but still sleeps just fine.
She is starting to talk more and more each day. Right now she says- mommy, daddy, Abi, nana, papa, apple, hot, baby, ball, more, thank you, hello, bye, please, puppy, cracker, books, bumblee bee, milk, duck, shoes, love you (kind of), and up.

We love Lydia so much! She keeps us on our toes but also keeps us laughing!