Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy Busy

Ever since Christmas it seems like we have had one thing after another and we have loved it! My sister came in town from Singapore because they bought a house/cabin in Driggs, ID (outside of Jackson) and she wanted to start decorating and purchasing furniture. It was so good to see her and finally meet her little boy William. We were then busy with celebrating friends' birthdays and fun preschool field trips. At the end of January we were lucky enough to go with Jonathan's family to California for a week (a new post on this vacation coming soon!) The day we got back from California my sister and her family flew in from Chicago for two weeks. She had a baby boy on New Years Eve so I was able to meet my other nephew, Max and to be there for his blessing on Valentines Day. It has been busy but so much fun and we already miss seeing everyone.
Random pictures ahead:

Abigale is so sweet with Lydia and loves taking care of her. I was on the computer and heard the girls laughing. I looked over and saw this: I love moments like this!
Baby Will!! He is so cute and looks like a little Italian baby! Poor guys had a hard time dealing with the jet lag from Singapore but he was still adorable. Abigale and Lydia loved playing with him: The girls had a blast at my parents house because we just go all the toys out and they played all day long! This is the house/cabin my sister bought. She will be living here all summer! It is beautiful and I am excited for this summer to visit often!

We took a special field trip to a pizza place and the girls got to make their own pizza. It was so much fun and delicious. The moms had fun because we got to sit and talk while the kids played in the party room and ate their pizza.
Flattening the dough: Putting on the sauce and toppings:
They were so excited when it went in the oven: and watched it come out the other side;
Eating the pizza:Of course Lydia got in on in:
It was Abigale's best buddy's birthday so we celebrated at Monkey Business a really fun place for kids. This is how I saw Abigale the majority of the day. This is a big obstacle course and she did it probably a 100 times in a row. She loved it!:

BFF's!Before we left on our trip of course the girls got sick but Daddy didnt mind getting extra snuggle time with Lydia:After we got back from our trip- Caitlin, Jeffrey, and Max came in town just in time for the Super Bowl. Everyone was really into the game (notice the new paint in our tv room- Jonathan surprised me and painted and put up chair rail while I was in Pocatello. I wasn't sure at first but now I love it):I couldnt get enough of this little guy! Isnt he so cute!Valentines Day we were able to go to Max's blessing. The girls loved wearing their heart dresses. This is the best picture I could get because we were running out the door:I stole this from Caitlins blog but arent they the cutest family:Lydia loved Max and he returned the love with a lot of smiles:The girls and Max:We then made some heart pancakes for dinner:
We spent one of our last days with Caitlin and the fish park. We forgot Abigale's coat so she had to use her blanket but she was running around so much that she never got cold:

Abigale loved taking care of Max and she was so cute with him. We miss him already!:
Pictures of Disneyland to come soon!