Thursday, July 16, 2009


On our way home from Utah, we stopped in Pocatello and Jonathan dropped the girls and I off while he continued to Boise to head back to work. We then went with my parents to a family reunion. Besides the killer mosquitoes, it was fun to be camping again. (Well, kind of camping since we stayed at a nearby hotel, but that is besides the point). Abigale loved swimming all day in the hot pools and loved roasting marshmellows and it is always fun to catch up with the family. Abigale and my cousin's daughter Alexis became fast friends. Alexis was so sweet with her and they had a lot of fun swimming together. Our water baby
Hiding from the camera, thanks for encouraging it Dad!
It is not real camping unless there is a card game going.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We moved away from Utah over a year ago and we finally made it back! We had such a fun time with Jonathan's family and we kept saying that it felt like we had never left. We spent a full week there and enjoyed every second. We went to the zoo, Thanksgiving Point, jumped on the trampoline, played with the dog, went to the movie, went to the new Draper temple, shopped at IKEA, went to Park City and the outlet malls, and visited BYU just to name a few. We definitely took advantage of having so many babysitters. Thanks again! It was such a fun trip and since we realized the drive wasn't nearly as bad as we thought, we can't wait to go back! Sorry but there are a lot of pictures.
The Zoo:
Thanksgiving Point: Abigale loved the farm animals.Lydia was just happy.So last year we took Abigale to the fair and tried to get her to ride the horses and she screamed and screamed but she was not afraid this time! She loved riding the horses and kept wanting to do it again and again. What a difference a year makes. Lydia loved it too but she really just wanted to pull the horses hair.
She wanted to ride the biggest horseThanks Grandma and Aunt Lindsey!
Back to BYU! I wanted to take more pictures but our camera died of course. It was strange to be back and we loved our time here but it felt so nice walking on campus and not as students!Enjoying the ice cream and yes I chopped my hair!We made a stop at the Bean Museum and this was always one of Abigale's favorite displays.We also spent a lot of time trying to get Lydia to crawl because Grandma did not want to miss it but this is as close as she got. BTW she still is not crawling! She did learn how to clap and it is adorable!
She may look sad here but really she was laughing. She loved the dog, almost as much as Abigale!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Haircut!

We finally did it! We cut Abigale's long beautiful hair. It was just getting so long and harder and harder to get Abigale to let us do it and wash it. Abigale's good friend Maeley also wanted a haircut so we took the girls to a really cute place called Monkey Dooz. It was really cute and a lot of fun. I will admit that it was sad to see my little girl's hair cut off and I did not like how her bangs were cut or how her hair was curled but I am used to it now and it is so much easier. Looking at these pictures it is funny because we cut her hair about a month ago, before our trip to Utah (more posts on that to come) and her hair as already grown so much.
After her last bath with long hair:Look how long it is:
She got to sit in a Barbie chair and watch Little Mermaid. I was afraid she would be nervous but she did awesome!
This was her face the entire time. I dont think she knew what to think. The two models and best buds!

Her she is on the fourth of July so you can see it has grown quite a bit already!