Sunday, February 25, 2007

On a walk with Abigale

It was a beautiful day on Thursday so Jonathan and I decided to take Abigale for a walk in her stroller, without her carseat. She loved being able to look around and actually feel the sun on her face. She fell asleep on the way home and this is a picture of her just waking up. She is so cute!

Abigale's first of many b-ball games!

Abigale getting ready for the big game. Her shirt says "You are looking at one cute Cougar!"

Jonathan won free tickets to a BYU b-ball game, and since it was their last game, we decided to put them to use. We dressed Abigale up in her BYU shirt and took her to her first game! We were about 3 rows from the very top but Abigale loved it. I think she thought it was just another big t.v. (her favorite)! She just sat there the whole time on her Dad's lap and cheered for BYU!

Hello Everyone!
We thought it would be easiest to put all of our pictures of Abigale on here so that everyone can enjoy them. So we are giving this a try. Enjoy!