Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Thanks to Jonathan's parents we spent the last 5 days at a beautiful resort in Cancun, Mexico! We had an amazing time sitting at the white sand beaches, playing in the huge pool, eating lots of food at the buffets, swimming with dolphins (yes, we did swim with dolphins!), visiting the Mayan ruins, and just having fun with family. The weather was perfect and Abigale had a blast but I think she misses all the attention she got from her grandparents and aunts and uncles more then she misses the beach! Thank you for such an amazing time!

What We Have Been Up To . . .

I know it has been a very long time since I have updated this blog but I have a good excuse, well sort of. Since the middle of May, I have spent three weeks in Pocatello and a week in Mexico. The first week to Poky was just to visit, the second was so that Jonathan could paint my parents house for them, and the third week was to visit my sister and her family who came to the United States for the summer from Singapore. The good news is that I have had an incredible summer but the bad news is that I have not taken very many pictures to document it. The following are random pictures that I did happen to take.

This was Mother's Day when Abigale and Jonathan brought me a bunch of presents in bed and then Jonathan later made me a delicious dinner!
Getting ready for Mexico!
A cute picture of Abigale in her Chinese dress and on her seven month birthday.

Abigale discovered cookies, well, baby biting biscuits but as close to the real thing as she will get for awhile.
The before and after picture of painting Abigale's room.
This is how I found Abigale asleep in her swing, silly girl! Also, notice the new wall color in the background. We painted practically the whole house in a day.