Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay, I think I finally got my camera figured out. The pictures were too large and so it would take forever to download one picture. I figured out how to change the size and now they download super fast which is awesome. Hopefully now I will be able to keep up and maybe finally go back and finish blogging about the last three months but for now I will start with Christmas.

We had a great Chirstmas. My parents and brother when to Chicago while my sister had her baby so we celebrated with my parents a little early before they left and then we went to Utah for a few days to spend Christmas with Jonathan's family. It was very relaxing besides the lack of sleep we got most nights (teething baby- not fun). Abigale and Lydia are the only grandchildren on that side so they got plenty of attention! They actually did better when we werent around so we took advantage of that and left them with many babysitters while we enjoyed the time off. Jonathan and I went shopping, out to lunch, to movies, etc. It was great and the girls had a blast. (Lots of pics to follow:)

Abigale and her preschool group went caroling and it was really cute. Here they are holding their jingle bells:
Lydia was happy to be inside with her future husband. Right before this picture she kept kissing him and they would just laugh:

Every year we have a Christmas party with just our family. We get out an air mattress and watch Chirstmas movies and sing songs. We always have to end the night with Elf. It is getting more fun as the kids get older.
Eating pizza and watching the movie:
Usually involves a lot of jumping on the bed and playing:
Then we get creative:

Love this picture of her:
We had to start the trip off with building a snowman since we had been promising Abigale. The snow was not quite cooperating but we did the best we could.
The girls loved it:

Grandpa Tanner getting in the action:

Happy as can be . . .
Until she face-planted! Her outfit was a little snug (a lot snug) so she couldnt really put her arms down (think Christmas Story) and so she landed right in the snow. (Being good parents, we had to get a picture before we helped her):
The final product:
Grandma had to save Lydia:
Inside for some relaxing time with grandma and grandpa:

The girls favorite part of Christmas was playing with the dog:
On Christmas Eve we took the girls to the Nickelcade so they could go on all the rides and they loved it:
Christmas Eve:
Pretty girl:
The best we could get with both of them:
Building a Gingerbread House with uncle Aaron. Right after she went to bed the house collapsed so we threw it away. First thing on Chirstmas morning Abigale wanted to go downstairs to see the house so we told her that Santa ate it, luckily she was excited about that!
Christmas morning!
The girls must have been very good this year because they got everything they wanted and much more! Random pictures but I thought they were cute:
Abigale sat down next to Lydia and told me to take a picture. Lydia was not loving the idea
Our friends just gave us this easel and the girls are obsessed with it: