Monday, May 23, 2011

Haircut Time!

For weeks Abigale was telling me that she wanted to cut her hair but I kept putting it off because her hair was so long and beautiful that I was too scared to cut it. After a few days of hair constantly tangled and fighting with her to do it and brush it I decided it was time. I needed to get my hair cut too so I decided to go to a salon and do it together. She was so excited and was not nervous at all to cut her hair. She did so great holding still and we are excited about the outcome. I think I would have gone even shorter but it is a good start for now!
Before picture: Her hair looks a little crazy because the top was in a braid so it is half curled

Getting it washed. This was pretty bad because she didnt keep her head down in the water enough so when she was done her whole back was soaking wet. She had to take it off and stick it under the dryer and it still wasnt dry by the time we left. Luckily, she just thought it was funny and just wore cape the rest of the time.Getting ready to cut!

She played with my phone to help keep her chin down

After! It still looks long but she cut quite a few inches and it is A-line so it is shorter in back.

Modeling before church the next day. Notice the cute skirts that Jonathan's mom made. The girls love them!

Over the shoulder pose Cute girls!


Side of Jeffrey said...

You look awesome Abs! Love the new look.

Brandon and Holly Baldwin said...

What darling girls you have Carley!

Ben + Laur said...

AWE! These pics are the cutest! Abigale is ALL grown up. It's CRAZY!! I hadn't seen the skirts madre made. I LOVE THEM!!