Sunday, July 15, 2012

April Recap

 April was a fun month with Easter a trip to Temple Square and haircuts! Enjoy the picture update!

I was able to go to Abigale's preschool and help out with the Easter party. It was fun to see her in her school element and watch her interact with her friends. She is pretty shy like I expected but also very sweet and polite!
Eating fun Easter treats.

Going on an egg hunt.

Easter Games!

Abigale rarely takes a nap anymore and when she does it is precious!

Dying Easter eggs at Nana and Papas house!

Love this sweet boy.  I kept him up past his naptime at a friends house so he decided to take his nap in the swing and not wait for me any longer!

His favorite thing to do is go in my bathroom and either unroll the toilet paper or find the box of Q tips and throw them everywhere and sometimes put them in his mouth.

Princess Tea Party Picnic with her friend Kate
 We took the kids to Temple Square for the day and the kids love it! It is one of their favorite places to go because they love the flowers, running around, looking at the brides, and seeing the "castle" mom and dad were married in!

This was at the children's museum in the church history museum. Lydia loved dressing up and dancing.
April was also the month of the dentist. We all went to the dentist and between the four of us (not Ryan) we had four cavities.  All four of them came from Miss Lydia! Looks like we did not do as good of a job as we thought in teaching her how to brush her teeth! She had to go two different times to get all the cavities filled and was so brave. She loved watching the movie on the ceiling and the laughing gas helped! The only problem was after she was done and her mouth was still numb she bit the inside of her mouth a few times and when the medicine wore off she really cried because of how bad it hurt! I felt so bad but hopefully no more cavities!
 Abigale really wanted to get her hair cut short. She had been asking me for months but I was a little hesitant because she has beautiful hair but it was getting way to long so it was time to cut it. We went to a cute kids salon and the stylist told her that if she cut 8 inches she could donate her hair. Abigale was really excited to think that someone could wear her hair as a wig so we went for it and I LOVE the way it turned out. I don't think she will have long hair again for a long time!
Getting ready!

After the cut! It already looks so much better!

8 inches

Adding some layers

Ta da! So cute!

No month can go by without a sick kid and this month was his turn! He had a really high fever for a few days and was miserable as you can tell by the picture!


Shelly said...

You are such a fun mom! Love you guys.

Matt, Amy, Grant, Tyson, and Palmer said...

I just love reading your blog!! You are so cute. You have the cutest family ever!! Your kids are absolutely adorable and so photogenic. Love ya!