Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Visit to the ER

 I know that you didn't believe me when I said I would post soon about Ryan's trip to the ER but here it is! Warning; it is a very long post but I wanted to write everything that happened.

It was a very crazy weekend. My parents flew into SLC late Friday night so the kids and I waited for them and drove with them to Pocatello (Jonathan had to stay back and work). The plan was to get up early and drive to Driggs the next morning but that did not quite happen. In the middle of the night Ryan woke up screaming which is not uncommon for him to do especially when he is sleeping in the Pack in Play but I decided to get him and just bring him in bed with me at about 3 am. I could tell that something was not quite right. He was breathing really heavy like he could not get enough air and his whole body was shaking. It was almost as if he had the hiccups everytime he took a breath. When I would lay him down he would wake up crying but if I held his head up he would fall asleep. It was a very long night and I was not sure what to do.

In the morning, I showed my parents and they could tell something was not right either but they were not sure what it was or what to do. I tried to feed him some breakfast but he just threw up what I fed him. We were starting to get ready to drive to Driggs and I decided I better take him to an Urgent Care because it was getting scary watching him try and get his breath. I found a place online that was open on a Saturday and left the girls with my parents.

At Urgent Care they took his oxygen level and I cannot remember all the details now but it was way below what it was supposed to be and they quickly gave him a breathing treatment which he actually loved. He was super fussy until we blew the air into his face and he just calmed right down and eventually fell asleep. The doctor listened to his chest and said that it sounded super "crackly" and not good so they ordered a chest x-ray. I woke him up and had to get him to hold his hands above his head while they took the x-rays. They came back and said that he had pneumonia in his left lung and was having an asthmatic response (he also had double ear infections!). His oxygen levels were still not good so they gave him another breathing treatment which helped a little bit. The doctor was not very happy that I was going out of town for the rest of the weekend because he was still pretty nervous but he told me that if his breathing seemed to get worse I needed to take him to the ER in Driggs. He sent me with a bunch of prescriptions and I headed to Wal-mart to get them filled.

 My parents met me at the store and we finally headed to Driggs around noon. Ryan slept almost the entire way there but I could tell that he was still breathing pretty heavy. Once we finally got to Driggs (about a 2 hour drive) his breathing was really bad again and his whole stomach was going in and out. He seemed happier and was more alert but I was really nervous. I decided to go to my niece's baptism and then head to the ER to just see what they said. I know it is bad but I was really worried how much it was going to cost and since he seemed to be happier and acting better I thought that maybe he was okay.

My dad and I went to the ER and I asked if the nurse would just look at him before they admitted him to see what they thought and she agreed to check his oxygen level. Of course it was really low and they said the doctor needed to see him immediately. So they admitted him and hooked him up to the breathing machine. The doctor decided to give him an IV since he was not responding as well to the breathing treatment as they hoped. This was the worst part of it all. He was super dehydrated and has tiny veins (like his mom) so they could not get the IV going. I had to hold him down while they tried 5 times! Yes, they stuck a needle in my poor sick baby 5 times only to have it not work! It was torture for me and listening to him scream and cry made me cry more then I would like to admit. It was awful! They asked everyone in the hospital and no one could get it and I finally asked the doctor to stop which he agreed to. They did give him a shot of some medicine and a few more breathing treatments and thankfully, by then his levels were much better. They decided to send me home with a breathing machine which I was supposed to do every 2 hours all night long. They finally let us go home and poor Ryan was so tired from screaming that he fell asleep before I left the parking lot. I was pretty exhausted myself but luckily Ryan slept great that night and was much better the next day and continued to get better as the steroids and antibiotics kicked in.

When we got back home I took Ryan to the doctor for a check-up and she ordered me to buy a breathing machine which I had to use on him every few hours for a week even if he seemed fine. We were heading to Orlando the next day so my poor mom who was staying with my kids had the job to give him the treatments and they both did great. It was a long crazy weekend but I am so glad that he is okay. They were afraid that he was going to have asthma but as long as it does not happen again he should be fine. I love him so much and watching him in pain was one of the hardest things I have done. I hope I don't have to do it again!
Ryan with Papa getting his breathing treatment. This was the only picture I took because I was thinking of lots of other things but I wanted to at least document the experience!
It was so sad seeing him with the mask on. He hated it and would continuously rip it off!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

August Overload

I have such a love/hate relationship with blogging but the longer I wait the more I have to update so here goes an overview of the month of August mostly in pictures! One day I will stay up to date with this blog but until then enjoy the pictures of our last month of summer!

We had a list of things we wanted to do before school started and one of them was go to the Hill Air Museum. It is perfect because it is free and it is about 10 minutes from our house. We invited a few friends and had a great time. I kept thinking that if my dad was there we would have received a few history lessons and been there for a few hours longer but with a bunch of kids it was nice to let them go and see what they wanted at their own pace. We had a great time and finshed the day off with a trip to Burger King! Can't be that!

We had a few art projects that I also wanted to do with the girls so we finally got around to it and had a lot of fun! Thank you pinterest!
They made trees by painting with Q-tips. Super easy and they loved it!

Finished Product!
Another art project; we went on a Nature Walk and collected all the prettiest leaves, sticks, grass, etc that we could find and then glued them onto their posters. They were so proud!  

 Its not summer until you have had a water party with friends which has to include sprinklers under the trampoline.
 The girls really wanted to go swimming one day at Seven Peaks but Jonathan was feeling a little too tired so the compromise was to go to Chuck E. Cheese and then to Krispy Kreme. I think they forgot about swimming especially when Dad promised them lots of coins!
Our garden: We used pots this year and just planted tomatoes, peppers, and squash. It was not the best year of gardening but we sure enjoyed our tomatoes!
 Sunday night at the Tanners! Every Sunday we have movie night which involves getting out the "big bed", having popcorn, and watching a family movie. We love it and the kids ask for it every week.
 Monday night snow cones!
Treehouse Museum
We love the Treehouse Musuem and go to it quite often but when we go with a lot of friends it is even better!
Abigale loves doing the particaplays where they have people from the audience be part of the play.
In the school

Ryan loves the fire in the teepee. He said "hot" about 20 times!

 Nana came in town for a short visit and so we had to go to one of our favorite places- IKEA! Abigale loves playing on the toys and the meatballs! I love being able to shop with my mom and only one kid!
 The Dinosaur Museum in Ogden
We had never been to this museum and it was actually really fun. Besides the fact that it was over 100 degrees outside the kids loved seeing all the dinosaurs. Lydia was really nervous and Ryan could not get enough!

 Classic Waterpark

 Seven Peaks
We got the Pass of all Passes this year for a great deal and went to Seven Peaks in SLC as often as we could. The kids loved it and at our last time there we finally rented a tube and it was so worth it. The wave pool was awesome and Abigale loved going down the waterslides. The bigger the better for that girl!
P90X right there! :)

 The girls had one last sleepover at Grandma's house before Abigale started school and they got very spoiled of course! She bought them brand new tennis outfits right down to the shoes and socks! So cute!
 First Day of Kindergarten
Abigale started her first day of Kindergarten on August 22, and she could not have been more ready or excited! Having an October birthday can be hard on a little girl as she watches all of her friends go to school the year before but she survived. She is attending a charter school in Kaysville and so far she loves it! The drive is a little far but luckily I carpool so that helps a lot! She is so big and beautiful! I did not realize how much she adds to our family until she was gone! She is the peacemaker and her younger siblings sure miss her almost as much as her mom!

This was the only time I teared up when Abigale said goodbye to Lydia and they hugged. It was so sweet!
Ready to learn!

The little girl she sat next to on her first day ended up being her best friend in the class!
How we like to spend our summer nights:

 Eliza's Baptism
My niece was baptized in the Teton River in Driggs so we made the trip so that we could be there. It ended up being quite the crazy weekend but we are so glad we were able to be there and see her baptized. It is so neat for my girls to see someone they look up to making such a great and important decision! We are so proud of you Eliza!

All the cousins sang "When I am Baptized". It was very sweet!
In the freezing water!

Ryan was happy as can be with his Papa despite being so sick!

It was a very fun and full month that ended with a bang! Poor Ryan ended up in the ER (more on that in the next post) and Jonathan and I had an amazing time with his family in Orlando! Stay tuned . . .