Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun February!

I have always loved the month of February. The main reason is probably because it is the month of my birthday but that is not the only reason. I love that it is a shortest month, it is the first month that really shows signs of Spring (can't wait!), President's Day (which is like the only holiday we would get off at BYU), and Valentines Day which is just a fun holiday (at least when you are married or with someone). This year has been no exception and it is not over yet. A week from today we leave for California with my parents and are taking the girls to Disneyland! Abigale is pretty excited but a little confused. I showed her pictures of when Jonathan and I went to Disneyworld and she thinks the castle is a temple. Whenever we drive past the Boise Temple she asks to see Mickey. When I tell her it is Jesus' House she says that she wants to see Jesus. The other day she started crying because she wanted to see Jesus. Smart girl!

Here are some pics of our fun month:

I had a great birthday. Since it was on Sunday, it was a pretty low-key day for me but a busy day for Jonathan as he made me dinner, a cake, and took care of the kids most of the day so I could relax. It was perfect. The night before, he picked up some yummy Thai food for us and made one of my favorite desserts- Brownie Sundae and we did it family style like at the restaurants. Here we are getting ready to dive in.

Abigale's babies. She loves to watch me and whatever I do with Lydia, she does with her babies. Yes, that does include feeding them =). Abigale is the best big sister. She loves Lydia so much.

Reading to her:
Helping her color- if you cant tell she is putting the marker in her hand and making her color:
Sharing her toys:
My friend Heidi came over with her kids and we made sugar cookies. It was a lot of fun and worth the mess and sugar high Abigale had all day from the cookie dough, frosting, and cookies she kept sneaking. Thanks Heidi- sorry I didnt get more pictures.

Valentines Day Dresses- Thanks Mom!

I didn't take any pictures of Valentines Day but just so I dont forget I want to write about our great day. Jonathan sent me beautiful flowers and since he had a to work a few hours on Saturday, I dropped the kids off at my parents and went to his office. While he was working I decorated his car and put all his favorite treats inside. I left him a note and told him to meet me at Macaroni Grill (one of our favorites) where we were able to enjoy a nice lunch date. We then walked through the mall for a little while until Lydia needed to eat and we had to pick up the kids but it was a great day! Thanks Babe! I love you!


Shauna said...

Yeah for a fun and busy February. Have a great time in California!

Side of Caitlin said...

Great pics Carley! Your girls are getting cuter by the minute!

Side of Caitlin said...

Great pics Carley! Your girls are getting cuter by the minute!

Heide Gentry-Kemp said...

your girls are so dang cute!! and getting so big!! Happy birthday!