Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Pictures of Halloween

I wanted to post a few pictures of our Halloween and of course the girls in their princess costumes. Halloween is Abigale's favorite time of year and it might have something to do with that her birthday is on October 30th. She is a lucky girl to open presents in the morning and go trick or treating at night! With Halloween being on Sunday, this year was a little different. We planned on trick or treating Saturday night but no one else in the city had the same idea so we went to our friends trunk or treat and hung out at their house. Abigale missed going door to door but she didnt need any more candy! Two trunk or treats was plenty. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!
Yes, this pumpkin Jonathan carved won first place at the ward party. His talents never cease to amaze me (and kind of scare me)!
At the pumpkin patch: Carving a pumpkin with dad:

She loved it and yes her pumpkin is green. She got to pick one at the pumpkin patch but it had to be one that she could carry herself and this half green one was the only one left but she still loved it!Ariel! Snow White!This is the only picture I got at the ward trunk-or-treat but it was a great night and I am glad my mom was able to go and help Lydia. She was a little nervous about all the costumes but after she got a few pieces of candy she was fine!


Side of Jeffrey said...

Abs' long hair rocks! She should have dressed up like a rock star for Halloween!