Thursday, April 28, 2011

March 2011

March was a very fun month (well as fun as one can have being 9 months pregnant) and ended perfectly with Ryan joining our family. Here are some of the highlights I captured on camera.

This is Lydia's princess face. Whenever she puts on a princess dress or a skirt she always says that she is a princess and makes this face. It gets me everytime. So cute! St Patricks Day!

I know it has been said before but holidays really are more fun with kids around. Abigale was so excited for this holiday. For weeks she talked about catching the leprechauns and kept reminding me of what they did last year. Which was a good reminder for me. This year he turned their milk and yogurt green, messed up their playroom, and put shamrocks all over their house. He also left some clues all over the house which led to some fun presents. I had a doctor appointment that day so we missed our friends party but Jonathan's mom and sister came over to watch the girls for me which was even better!

This is the girls at the end of the treasure hunt. The final clue led them outside. They were so excited!

This is Abigale outside on the first real warm day of the year. She went and just laid on the driveway for like 30 minutes. I think she was taking in all the sun that she could because a few days later . . .She was doing this!We had a special treat in March when my parents came to visit and took us to Disney on Ice. It was such a great show and the girls loved it! Lydia still talks about it and asks all time when we can go back and Abigale pretends to ice skate around the house now. Thanks again mom and dad!A few days before I was supposed to be induced, I decided to take the girls somewhere fun so that we had a good way to pass time and because I knew the girls wouldnt be out of the house very much once the baby was born. We went with some friends to Classic Fun Center and the girls loved it! They have roller skating, 5 big bounce slides, a climbing area, arcade where you can win tickets, rides, and lazer tag. So much fun!March was such a great month and of course ended perfectly with the birth of our little guy!


Unknown said...

Looks like you had a lot of good distractions before your little man arrived.