Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guess who is 3 months old?!?!

This Adorable Guy!

We love him sooo much! He is seriously the best baby ever!For the last 6 nights he has slept from 9 until 6 or 7 straight and then eats and goes back to sleep from 8 until 11. Such a blessing! He is really good in his carseat and usually sleeps through everything when he is in there which is great when I go to the store or church!If you just look at him he will start smiling. It is sometimes hard to get him to look at you because it seems like he will look around for you and look everywhere but right at you. He has giggled a few times and we try constantly to get him to do it more. He loves his sisters and he smiles the most at Abigale. The only time he cries is when he is tired. When he starts getting fussy we just wrap him up and put him in his swing or in his crib and he goes right to sleep. He is starting to really grab at toys. When we put him in his bouncy chair with the toys hanging down he will just sit and stare at them and focus and then start hitting them and grabbing at them. There is a tag on the side and he will just sit and try and grab at it. His hair is out of control. We really need to cut it but it makes me sad and I am used to having girls where you just let there hair grow so I am not sure how to do it. His hair also has a natural part (just getting ready for his mission early) We really can't get enough of him! I am sad that he is growing so fast but cant wait to see more and more of his personality and how he is going to handle himself with two sisters! We love you Ryan!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Last Half of May. . .

The day after Mother's Day I decided to head to Pocatello for a few days because my dad was going to be out of town and because Jonathan had a lot of work to do and then he can work late without feeling too guilty! It was a great trip and very relaxing. I love that we live close enough that we can go anytime and the drive is only the length of the girls' movies!
We took the kids to Ross Park to play on the toys but Abigale became fascinated by the huge boulders they have there. She loved climbing up them and then sliding down. She now claims that she is a rock climber and I will admit I was impressed with how well she was climbing!

We then made our way over to the big rock walls and we had fun finding paths up to the top.
The next day we went to Moreland so that my grandparents could meet one of their newest great-grandchildren. My grandparents are amazing! My grandma just turned 92 and my grandpa will be 92 in September. They still live in the same house since before I was born so I have a lot of great memories every time I go visit! It is fun to see my kids there now and playing with the same toys I played with as a little girl!
My Grandpa kept calling Ryan a bruiser with his boxing gloves on (he scratches himself a lot) it was so cute!
The next day my dad was back in town and he took the girls to his office and courtroom.
They loved sitting where Papa sits and talking into the microphones. My dad showed them the little jail cells where the prisoners come through from the jail and Abigale was obsessed with them and told us that was where they took a time out! My dad said yeah sometimes a verrry long time out!

My dad was responsible for having this replica of the Liberty Bell placed in front of the courthouse and he loves showing it off! Which was fine because the girls loved it! They even got to ring it a few times and it was a lot louder then they were prepared for!

Just a random picture that Abigale took and so that everyone knows I exist since I am always the one taking pictures!

We got back from Pocatello it time for Abigale to start swimming lessons. It was just two weeks everyday for 45 minutes. I am not sure how much she really learned since she spent a lot of time at the wall waiting for her turn but she still loved it and feels more comfortable in the water.
The hardest part was that I had to sit and watch every lesson in case something happened and it was not fun keeping this girl from the water. I brought about 10 books every day and we got a lot of reading in. By the end, she was telling me all of the stories. I love how blue her eyes look!

My parents came into town so that my dad could go to a doctor in Odgen and we went to the Treehouse Childrens Museum and then had lunch at the Pizza Factory and played on the toys at Fat Cats. I think they wore each other out!

This cute guy turned 2 months old and has turned into quite the smiler. Every chance he can get he is smiling and we just love it! Yes he is 2 months old and he is wearing 6 month clothes! At his two month appointment he weighed 14 lbs 11 oz and was 96th percentile for height and weight! He is a chunk!
I had been wanting to get these cars for my girls for a long time but never wanted to pay full price for them. I decided to go to a yard sale by my house and found one but it was still a little higher then I wanted to spend but decided to go for it anyway since I had been wanting one. On the way home from the yard sale I stopped by another one near my house and they had another car for only $5. So I decided to get both and now the girls have a blast driving their own cars around!

We decided to wash all of the cars and Lydia was a big help!

Memorial Weekend we didnt have much going on so we decided once again to take advantage of the short drive to Pocatello to hang out with my parents. The girls love going there and Jonathan was able to get some work done while we were entertained.

It was really neat because we were able to visit the gravesites of my grandparents on my dad's side. The girls had never been to a cemetery before and Abigale was fascinated by it all and asked a lot of very interesting questions. It was a great way to explain to her about what happens after we die and how important it is to be an eternal family.

Cute girl on the drive home!

Mothers Day Weekend

With Fathers Day this weekend I figure it is time that I finally post some pictures of Mothers Day. I was lucky enough to celebrate the whole weekend and it was perfect!
We woke up Saturday morning and Jonathan told me to get ready because we were going to go to Salt Lake for the day. I hurried and got a good workout in and got ready and we decided to head to Temple Square and then the Gateway Mall so that I could pick out some presents! Temple Square was so beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and the flowers were amazing. There were also many brides walking around so my girls were in heaven! We wanted to take a lot of family pictures with the flowers but of course our camera died in the first 30 minutes but we did get a few cute ones.
Walking to the templeShe was so excited Lydia, always dancing

We ended up going to the Church History Museum and the kids loved the children's area. We spent so much time at Temple Square that instead of going to the mall we decided to call it good before the girls got too tired. We headed home, took naps and then went out to dinner. Jonathan dropped me off at some stores to do some shopping and he took the kids to get some food for breakfast and dinner. It was so nice to just walk around and pick up a few things that I wanted.

The next morning I was lucky enough to get breakfast in bed- fruit crepes! Then the girls gave me their cards and some gifts. It was perfect!

Lydia was mad about something and Jonathan took a picture of her grumpy face. She is such a drama queen but check out those lips!
I took this picture of the kids because for some reason it made me really happy. Watching my two girls play games together while Ryan just hung out next to them. It was one of those little moments I wanted to remember forever. I love my kids!
Cant forget about this cute guy with his boxing gloves on! And these beauties!

I am one lucky momma!