Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Valentines Day

I think Valentines Day is such a fun day! I love decorating in hearts and having two girls they have having pink and red all over the house.
We did a few fun crafts. These were our glitter hearts that we hung up. I love Lydia's outfit, don't you? This is what she looks like almost every day. She grabs any skirt out of her drawer and any shirt that has short sleeves. She hates wearing pants and long sleeved shirts!
My friend gave me this idea- for FHE we cut out hearts and everyone had to write what we loved about everyone in the family. It was so fun to have them hanging up and the girls loved reading them all month.Abigale getting ready for her preschool Valentines party with the box she decorated:Our Valentines dinner with the beautiful roses from Jonathan! We had strawberries, heart shaped pizza and bread sticks and a love potion drink I found on pinterest. After dinner we kept the tradition of the scavenger hunt going and sent the girls all over the house to find heart shaped clues. The prize: They each got some pink candy hearts and gum, a shirt, some slippers, and a red heart pen and notebook. Holidays are so fun!