Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 It took a few days to recover from our amazing trip and remember how to be parents again but since it was now September, one of our favorite months, we were able to jump back into the swing of things. I had to figure out a our new schedule with Abigale in morning kindergarten, Lydia going to two different neighborhood preschools, both girls in dance, and Abigale starting soccer with me as her coach! Pretty crazy but so much fun!
 This was our first year as a soccer family and I even took on the role of coach, I played soccer growing up and always thought that it would be fun to coach, and I was right. Abigale had 4 other girls on her team and two of them are friends from our neighborhood. They were a really fun and good team. They went 7-1 on the season and Abigale even scored a goal.  It was fun to watch her get better and better. The first game she was really hesitant but she figured it out as the season went on and was really sad when the season ended. We can't wait for Spring so she can play again!

My little soccer player!
This is what happens when you have two older sisters! Poor boy!

 Brigham City Temple
We were able to get tickets to the Brigham City Temple open house and I got two extra so that my parents could meet us there. We met at Wingers for lunch and then we had to park and ride buses to the temple. Walking through the temple was such a great experience and I am glad my girls were able to see that it is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. 
Love this picture!

 This is our typical Sunday night. If the kids are good in church they earn a movie night. We get out the "big bed" watch a family movie and have popcorn. I love that they get so excited about it and that they can look forward to it every week.
 Having fun with friends on the trampoline! The weather was so perfect for almost the entire month and we took advantage of it! Ryan especially really fell in love with the trampoline and would spend all day jumping if we let him.
 8th Anniversary
We celebrated our 8th anniversary on September 17th! Since we just got back from Orlando we did not really have anything else planned. He sent me some beautiful roses and then after the kids went to bed we had a friend come over and sit at our house while we went to dinner.  We decided to try a new place and unfortunately the food was pretty bad but we were just enjoying being out together so we didnt mind. We then just spent time walking around stores and bought each other a few gifts. It was pretty low key but relaxing!
8 years ago! So crazy!

Beautiful Roses!

Fun Day at the Park!
We enjoyed the warm days and tried to get to the park as much as possible. One day there was a girl with a motorized car and she said my girls could drive it around so they were loving it and I had to drag Ryan away!

 I thought that I had found something that all three kids could do and I was pretty proud. I gave them each a cup of water and a paint brush and told them to paint the stairs. It worked for about 5 minutes and then Ryan decided to dump out everyone's water which they were not too happy about but at least we had 5 minutes, right?

 Every Tuesday night Jonathan has church meetings and so do a lot of husbands in the ward so the wives would often get together and go for walks and take the kids to the park. I am so sad that it is too cold and dark now because I really looked forward to it!
 I had to take this picture of my handsome boy before church. I just love him!
 We walk to church every week and it melted my heart to see my girls holding hands as they walked together. They really do love each other!