Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fall Break (and a few extra cute pictures)

 When both girls did not have school for a week, I was pretty excited to have them home but knew that they would get bored really quick so after a few days of playing at home and with friends we decided to make the trip to Pocatello to see my parents. It was such a fun quick trip and also a nice break from our regular routine!
 We helped my mom decorate her house for Halloween which my girls absolutely loved doing but not as much as Ryan loved destroying it all. There was a jar full of eyeballs and Ryan was obsessed with them and was always finding ways to sneak them. Once we would get them he would throw them all over the house! Boys!
Trying to sneak the eyeballs!
My mom had a pasta making machine that she wanted to try out and we were happy to help her. It was fun and really good!

 Woke up to Papa, a beautiful sunset, and blueberry pancakes. Perfect morning!
Cute random pictures of cute kids!
Abigale's school picture! It turned out so cute!
He is such a cool boy!

Love them!