Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think this is finally the last catch up post! Now lets just see if I can stay caught up! Ha! This post is a bunch of randoms but things I want to document. Here goes:
My parents went to Hawaii with my sisters family and brother (I know sad we couldnt go, right?) but they brought back the girls some awesome souveniers.
The little hula girl: Look at that smile- I think she likes it and doesnt know what she missed :)

My little ballerina started dance class this year and she loves it. She is a little shy and will never show me what she learned when she gets home but it has been really good for her and every once in awhile I catch her doing some dance moves. Right now they are learning a Christmas dance and I cant wait to see it. Doesnt she look like a dancer in this picture?
Getting ready for class, she was so excited!
I spent a day (allll day) at my friends house canning peaches. It was a lot of fun hanging out with great friends and bring home lots of peaches but it took my back awhile to recover from that day! The only picture I took and apparently Holly thought something was funny!
We celebrated our 6th anniversary with our first vacation since our honeymoon! We went to Vegas for 5 days while my parents watched the girls. It was such an amazing trip. I am not a huge fan of Vegas, especially the Strip on a Friday night-YIKES, but we made it great! We stayed at a great hotel with an amazing pool area so we were able to spend a lot of time relaxing. We also went to Phantom and Lion King. We LOVED Phantom and wanted to see it twice. Lion King was good but not as great as Phantom. I still liked it but Jonthan was a little disappointed. We even went to the temple which was soo awesome and beautiful and just what we needed! Of course we also ate great food!
I had to take a picture of this sandwich he got at Serendipity- just thinking about it makes me sick. It was a foot long steak sandwich with bacon and fried eggs among other artery clogging things! He was full for a few days and he only ate half of it.
Looking GQ before Lion King (and yes we were a little over dressed)
On October 3rd, Jonathan had another birthday! I love that his birthday is the first week of October because it usually falls on Conference Weekend which makes for a very relaxing birthday weekend! Here he is opening all of his presents. Dad and his girls

Abigale specifically picked out these animals for her dad and she had fun playing with them for the rest of the day! I love how she cant take her eyes off of them!
After conference we went to our friends house to continue the celebration. We had a yummy dinner and cheesecake pies. I think these pictures are funny because it looks like there are only a bunch of kids at Jonathan's party!I dont even know what this is about!The girlsHa ha! I had to throw this picture in for my sister. She always laughs at how big Lydia's mouth is and when she kept putting this huge ball in her mouth- I had to take a picture. She does have a huge mouth!
Sad day! We said good bye to the Sonata! We loved that car but it was time for something a little bigger :) Yes, we are now a mini-van family and loving it!


Matt, Amy, Grant, and Tyson said...

CONGRATS on being a minivan family! Baby #3!!! We are super excited for you guys!! What a fun anniversary trip!! To bad trips like that can't be more often, love them!