Saturday, August 6, 2011

We Survived!

We have officially moved into our new house!

The move wasnt too painful. A lot of our stuff was still in boxes and it is much easier moving across town then to a different state. We slowly moved stuff over all week and then moved all the big stuff in one day. Well Jonathan's brothers and sisters moved it for us! Our brother in-law has a huge trailer so he offered to come down with all of the siblings to help us move. My mom took the girls for the night and Jonathan and I moved all the big stuff into the front room and some of it outside to make it as easy as possible to load up. Well, we called his sister at about 6:30 and they were still over an hour away and had to stop to get the trailer so Jonathan and I decided to go out to dinner since we were starving. We took our time thinking we had until about 8:00 but when we got home everyone was there and the entire trailer was loaded. I felt so bad but also very happy because I was pretty tired and not looking forward to moving it all! They are awesome! The last few days Jonathan's parents watched the girls so that we could unpack and it was so nice. We got everything unpacked and even all the pictures on the walls! Moving is definitely a joint effort and we feel blessed to have such great support!

While we were really sad to leave our old ward, neighborhood, and house, for some reason Jonathan and I both felt that it was for the best and that everything would be fine and so far I feel pretty good about this new adventure! We are really loving our house. The old one was split level and we got really tired of going up and down stairs everywhere we turned and I was nervous for when Ryan started crawling. I would have had to buy 6 gates to keep him safe! This house is just two levels- upstairs is the master, nursery, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room and downstairs is a huge family room, 3 storage rooms, a bathroom, play room, the girls room and office. We love the layout much better! I was a little nervous about having the girls downstairs but they love it. They are close to the tv and the playroom so they feel like they own the whole basement. The neighborhood seems great too. We live within walking distance to two parks and across the street is a great family with a little girl Abigale's age so she is in heaven. I also love that we still live close to our old friends so we still do playgroups and get together with them!

It's crazy how much life can change in a few weeks and because of one phone call but I think we have made the best of the situation! Hopefully we dont receive any more life changing phone calls any time soon!