Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Months!

Look at that face! I just love him! Ryan continues to be a great baby! He can sit up by himself for a few minutes until he tries to reach for something. He can roll over from his stomach to back but doesnt really like it. It always scares him. The last few weeks he has been waking up in the night but we are working on that. I think it is because I have been letting him take naps in his swing and so he has a hard time adjusting to his crib at night. I have started being a lot more strict about naps in the crib which has led to better naps but he still wakes up at night. Who knows? Being a parent is all about guessing and trying everything and then trying to replicate what works, right?He is a happy guy and is always smiling! We finally put batteries in this dog toy that walks and barks. Ryan thought it was the funniest thing ever and really wanted to pet it or eat it. He puts everything in his mouth and is always reaching for toys with both hands. He smacks his lips a lot so I think he thinks he is talking. Instead he just grunts a lot. He obviously still loves to eat. Look at that double chin! He will not take a bottle :( but we will keep working on it. We gave him his first taste of rice cereal and his reaction was about what I thought. The faces he was pulling was pretty funny and he would just let it all dribble out of his mouth. I dont blame him though. I dont really believe that any baby would eat that stuff. We may just wait until next month for the real food.

Love you Mister Ryan!


Shauna said...

His double chin is definitely enviable. What a cute kid! Your girls are adorable too, with their own looks and personalities.

Matt, Amy, Grant, and Tyson said...

He is sooo cute!!! He just makes me smile to see his cute face. Glad you guys are doing good!!!