Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today is my sister Caitlin's birthday and since I have been a little busy lately, I didnt have time to get anything in the mail (so sorry) but I do want to let her know how much I love, miss, and appreciate her. She is an amazing person and sister and I listed a few things that make her so great:

1. She is one of my best friends

2. She is the most social person I have ever met. No matter where she goes she can find a party, if she is not the one throwing it

3.She is one of the most spiritual people I know

4. She ran a marathon (enough said)

5. She is an amazing athlete, especially at soccer.

6. No matter where she goes, she runs into someone that she knows even if it is someone that she met once a few years ago and makes them feel like they are one of her best friends

7. She was an amazing missionary and I know this for a fact because I am married to her zone leader

8. She introduced me to my amazing husband

9. She introduced me to the field of social work

10. A few years ago I flew out and stayed with her for a weekend when she lived in NYC and it was one of the best weekends ever.

There are many, many more but I dont want to embarrass her. I love you Caitlin and hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Side of Caitlin said...

Ahh precious! Thanks Car! Love you too! I CAN'T wait to see you soon!